Lyman True Line JR, Lyman comet

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by longunner, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. longunner

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    A guy on craigslist has these two presses and a no name with a bunch of dies (not sure if they are complete) for sale on craigslist for $150. Anyone have any experience with these two presses? Any and all input is appreciated.
  2. Brahma

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    You must be in the Litchfield County area? $151. to be exact! I saw and purchased what you refer to. It was certainly a great deal. The one unlisted Press was an old C&H H333 which sell on ebay for over 100. C&H still has parts for the older models and today they sell an H444 which has 4 stations for $275. The Comet is a great single station for handling large rifle caliber. The Tru line Jr is not used for full resizing of rifle caliber... mostly used for handguns and part resizing of bottle necks. The numerous dies alone are worth well over what the asking price was. You should have acted on that one! Your posting is well prior to my discovery. I will resell most of what he sold and end up with what I was looking for for less than free.