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    I really like the design of the German Lugers but do not know if I should buy one due to bad remarks I've heard about them, is there a good brand and model someone would recommend for a price around $500-$800
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    The only German Luger style pistol that I would recommend is one of the original pieces. They may be more expensive but they are an investment and collectors item if you find a good one with matching numbers. All of the aftermarket ones I have seen certainly fall short of the quality of the original pistols. My father in law had an Artillery Model with a longer barrel and it functioned flawlessly. So you may want to do some research on an original model! Only a thought!

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    A pre or very early WW2 Luger is a fine piece of machinery and that was its downfall. They were too complicated and expensive to build to compete. Interesting gun to shoot and very fast on follow up shots. Recoil is very different than a slide. I believe with today's machinery a good reproduction could be built. It would not be cheap but it would not have to be overly expensive either.
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    DWM (WWI) and Mauser (WWII) made the best wartime Lugers. As Sniper said a good one with matching numbers will be above your suggested budget. You could get a mixed parts "shooter" in your price range. I have a pristine 1941 byf (Mauser) that I've never shot and it probably doesn't have much over 100 rounds the tube ever. I also have a 1913 dated DWM with parts from at least 15 other Lugers of the era - and it shoots great with Federal Champion. I've had it since 1975 and after thousands of rounds only one part broke, which fortunately was an easy fix. Guess which Luger is more fun!

    Of the post war Lugers, the best is the new Mauser that was produced in the late 1960s until maybe 1980+. Some aren't true German Army P08 copies but some are. Also you'll sometimes see the Mitchell Arms stainless Luger lookalike but I understand galling and other problems afflict them. Whatever you do, don't buy a Stoeger Luger .22. I had one that was a jamomatic and so did everyone else. The Erma .22s looked more like a real Luger and worked better than the Stoeger.

    Check out the Luger forums for people who really are in to these fine guns. And for good deals on a shooter.
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    Thanks for the info guys.
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    Mitchell Arms makes a nickel plated Luger that's not too hard to find. I've seen many of them at gun shows. Plus Mauser started making them again in the sixties and ended in 1999. You could still probably pick up one of those without killing your wallet.