Lucid HD7 ?

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    So I went shooting last weekend and a buddy had a Lucid on his AR. I seen them on line but figured it was a Chinese knock off. He told me it was made here and he liked it better than his Aimpoint? I have an Aimpoint and don't believe him. I tried this thing out and it was pretty impressive. It had 4 recitals, auto dim/brightness or manual mode, AAA battery built into the base, 2 hour shut off, rubberized coating, nitrogen purged. I came home and did some research on it. I was still impressed. I did find out that it is designed and the parts are made here, but assembled in China to reduce costs. I would bet if it was all made here ,it would have the same price point as Aimpoint and. Eotech. Nice optic! If you are on a lower budget ($150-250) check this out. It's online for $219-249. I got mine at a LGS for $189. I was really impressed about how sensitive and fast acting the auto brightness works, I've seen some with 4-10 second delays, this is instant. I is also a lower 1/3 co witness.

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    They are a great optic , Im waiting on the M7 to come out . I have the HD7 on one of my SBRs . Love it


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    Lucid USED to good until they started outsourcing their products. now they kind of ARE Chinese knockoffs....