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I want to get a ACOG style scope for my AR, but I don't want to spend more on a trijicon than I did my gun. I was looking at the lucid hd7 gen 3 red dot I looks like an ACOG which is cool, but it doesn't have any magnification. You can buy a 2x magnifier that screws onto the red dot, so I think I'm going to buy it but I was wondering if anyone has any experience and if so does anyone know the difference between the gen 3 and gen 2. I know the gen 3 comes with caps on the adjustment knobs (at least that's what I heard), and I know the gen 2 has 4 reticles one is a dot, another is cross hairs, one is a circle with a dot and I believe the last one is cross hairs with a dot in the middle but that's just a guess. Now on the website it shows some reticles that the gen 3 has, it has a plain dot, and circle with a dot, then it has two cool ones. One of then is a chevron arrow style with 3 or 4 mill dots underneath the chevron arrow which are for different distances, and the other one is a cross or T style reticle that has mill dots on the side and underneath. So if anyone has any experience with the Lucid HD7 gen 3, and the screw in 2x magnifier. If you can tell me what you think about the scope and the magnifier because I really want something with some magnification so I can reach out to 200 to 400 yard with better accuracy than MBUS sights that I currently have on my AR
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