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    Up to now the Saga's have been humorus maybe even funny. But life is not all fun, some times it is even sad and cruel. And Little Linda had her share of unhappiness.. The background of this saga may be long but it is necessary for you to understand the strength of this wife of mine.
    Linda was born in Alabama during an era that a husband could beat his wife and kids with impunity and it was accepted and over looked. But the beatings were only part of the dysfunction of her father. It was the visits to her bedroom in the dark of the night that kept little Linda terror stricken and subversive. As soon as she graduated from high school she bought a one-way ticket to Colorado to stay with her older sister that had just escaped the same fate a few years earlier.
    There little Linda meets Glenn Sr and marries. And as often happens she picks a husband like her father. This husband has his problems and one of them is his height. He is a short little guy (5'-2") with a big chip on his shoulder. And he boosts his ego by tearing down Linda. He doesn't allow her to get a drivers license so if she needs to go somewhere she must beg and get his permission. Because her education is limited, he calls her stupid and mocks her, calling her 'dummy mummy' And even encourages the children to call her by that name. The two girls are born first and then Glenn Jr. But as perfect as the girls are, as imperfect is little Glenn. He is born with Williams Syndrome and has many medical problems both physical and mental capacity. The birth of a 'imperfect' son redoubles the abuse that Linda must endure. Of course it was her fault that the child was retarded and physically deformed. Although she may have prayed for it she did not know that the birth of her son was the end of her marriage.
    Glenn Sr. was a sheriff's deputy and the County Sheriff had a manpower problem. His solution was to allow the women deputies to go night shift paired up with the male deputies. The wives complained, picketed, and predicted disaster. And their predictions came true. Eight of the 12 male deputies became estranged from their wives. Glenn Sr. was one of them. When Glenn Sr. told little Linda that he was going to divorce her, he expected her to cry, to beg, and pray that he would not leave her.
    She did none of those.
    She went straight to a lawyer and filed for divorce first, thereby dictating the terms of the divorce. Glenn Sr expected to have the best of two worlds, a girl friend in a apartment and a wife and kids in a house. Not so. When he came home from his girl friend's apartment his key would not open the doors of his house. But it did put little Linda in dire straits with three kids and no job. She rolled up her sleeves and got to work. Soon she has learned how to drive a car and is working. The family is eking out a living, but Linda is working two jobs to do it. the girls are old enough to help and they do, but the long hours and the loneliness begans to wear Linda down. She finally gives in to her neighbor ladies advice and starts looking for some social life for her self.
    Those members that have been following the Saga's know that this was when Linda met Sarge
    Scene #1
    We open it at Sarge's house. Sarge and Linda have secretly married and her and the kids are living at Sarge's house while her house is in the process of being sold. The door bell rings. It is Glenn Sr. He has come for a visit with the kids. And he always wears his Police uniform to intimidate Sarge. Sarge is a former Law Enfourcement Officer himself and is not intimidated by little men in uniform. Sarge goes to the door and opens it. Looks out and remarks in a loud voice "The doorbell rang but there is no one here?" Sarge at 6'-0" tall is shading his eyes and looking over the top of 5'-2" Glenn Sr, who's face is burning up with hate and embarassment. After that Glenn Sr stopped wearing his uniform. But he would have his badge on his belt and would open his coat to display it to Sarge. If you have ever been to Denver, Colorado you might have seen displayed on the back of new Ford cars the star shaped like a badge, that is the trademark of the Courtesy Ford car dealership. So Sarge is prepared for the next visit of Glenn Sr. The door bell rings, Sarge answers it. Glenn Sr. pulls back his coat to flash his badge. With a sly smile Sarge pulls back his coat and displays his plastic car dealers badge. The look on Glenn Sr's face would have killed a bull elephant in his tracks. He turns and stomps off to his car. Not to ever come back again.
    Scene # 2
    Little Linda's house has finally been sold and here we are at the Real Estate office. Glenn Sr. shows up and enters the room in police uniform again. Real Estate lady:,"Sir do you have any reason for being here?" she addresses Glenn Sr. Glenn Sr:" I own half this house!" Real Estate lady: "I don't see your name listed as a owner, you will have to go!" "You may stay, Sarge, as Linda's husband" says the Real Estate lady.
    Little Linda remarks. "Why don't you sit out in the hall, Glenn and watch my perfect little son?" (Private Trent) You understand what she meant by that don't you? Glenn Sr slams the door behind him. Sarge looks at little Linda with amazement.
    The papers are all signed and Linda's lawyer asks Glenn Sr to come in. Lawyer: "Here, Mr. Glenn Sr., is a check for your share of the house proceeds." Glenn Sr, swaggers to the table, takes the check and rakes Sarge and little Linda with a triumphant sneer. His look of triumph slowly breaks into pieces and falls with his jaw.. "This check is for only $3000" he cries. Linda's Lawyer hands Glenn Sr two pieces of paper and says, "And here is your receipts for the back alimoney and child support that you never paid a cent of, while your family starved!" Glenn Sr's look of hate is directed at Little Linda and he advances on her. Sarge moves to stand between them, towering over Glenn Sr. and says very softly. "You are not touching her ever again. Understand little man?"
    The End
    Friends, I am sorry I wrote this Saga but after the incident at the house closing my little Linda developed into a fine mother, a fine wife, and went on to be a wonderful well adjusted and happy person. But without telling you what she had to overcome, you would never appreciate the remarkable transformation of this precious woman.
    See you in the next Saga , Sarge
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    started sad but ended up with a slime getting what he deserved. i liked it. sounds like things are going well :))

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    BRAVO Sarge. BRAVO.
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    Lt. Linda's Story

    Sir; what a piece of history. Without your completing; the thought; it wouldn't have made the sense

    Their is hope, there is always hope. You are one lucky man, ''she'' can train you up good hahaha

    In each piece, humor, points, in interest, compassion, with the continued love for one fine gal.

    another wonderful story
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    hey sarge you are the man (i would be proud to follow you into combat anywhere)you sir have class and may GOD bless you and your family and since
    i am new here i hope that i do not presume to much, i dont have a lot, but if ever you are in need feel free to call:cool:
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    Seen some men like your wife's ex. I have no time and less respect for them. My wife and I have been married almost 38 years and a mutual respect is one of the things that helps that number go up. Congratulations and a tip of the lid to you and Linda.
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    You are a good man, Sarge, and Linda is a strong woman. I'm glad you found each other.:)
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    I have come to really enjoy your little moralistic stories and look forward to the next chapter. You have a quillmasters touch.
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    My Little Linda

    After this sad but successful story a few real funny ones are coming up.
    Thank all of you for your kind comments. We do not have a perfect marriage (no one has) but we continually try to adapt to each others difference. She is a strong woman and she just needed some one to encourage her. I am glad I was there when she was needing a friend and a partner.