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    Hey fellas,

    May have a goofy question here but I just recently received my RRA stripped lower for my first AR build. I know nothing is available right now but I've narrowed down my Lower Kit to DD or Spikes when they come in stock. My question is the DD standard kit is $99 and the Spikes Enhanced is $159. Is there really any difference in these two?

    From what I've read on the AR Primer Sticky it seems like there's not too much difference in the lower kits provided you buy a quality product which I believe DD and Spikes to be. I have included the links to the two items before and would greatly appreciate any advice you guys could offer.



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    Well looking at the Spikes Enhanced LPK they list the following as extras:
    •KNS Gen II Mod II Anti-Rotation pins
    •Spike’s Billet Trigger Guard
    •Ergo Grip with Spike’s Logo
    •ST Battle Trigger
    •Ambi Safety Selector

    You have to decide if those extras are worth it to you. To me they're not. I don't see the need for the KNS pins in a properly manufactured lower and prefer Magpul grips over the Ergo. The DD kit includes a Magpul enhanced trigger guard, but polymer not alloy (though I don't see any problem with the polymer as it's plenty strong for this application). The trigger, (see if anyone else has experience with it but) I'm skeptical that it's a whole lot better than a good milspec. The ambi selector? Up to you.

    I've bought two DD LPKs and like them. At the time they were $79 but now they're hard to find period. In fact you may have to get what you can find in stock these days. The Stag/CMT kit has worked out well for me also, as has ArmaLite's.
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