Love my Glock 34!!!

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by washabra, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. washabra

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    I started shooting IDPA about a year ago with a Glock 17. After a short time I purchased an M&P Pro 9mm. I thought I would never sell or stop shoot this gun. There were times I shot the M&P very well and others I times I couldn't hit anything. Two weeks ago I decided to sell my M&P Pro and purchase a Glock 34. In the short time I have been shooting this is the best move I have ever made. I have shot 3 IDPA matches since I purchased the Glock 34 and have shot well above my classification each time. It points, shoots, and is on target much better than my M&P Pro ever was. I have a Wilson Combat CQB, two Kimbers, and 3 Glocks and the Glock 34 is the best handgun I own. I love to shoot this gun. How do you all feel about your Glock 34.

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  2. M14sRock

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    I love my G34, too.

  3. Shihan

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  4. NGIB

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    I'll buy you another 34 if you trade me the CQB for it even up...
  5. Ram Rod

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    Glad it's working well for you! Never seriously looked at the competition Glock models. Still shooting USPSA matches with my G17. Although I can see the market in a way for those models, I figured why buy a model specifically for competition. I'd like to see the IDPA rules and how they've changed recently. Not familiar with them actually, but I was thinking the IDPA involved more of the stock self-defense pistols on an even playing field. Hey....I'm not eliciting any arguments here, it's just that since I've been in the USPSA and into IPSC...there seems to be a draw one way or the other between the two and most whom I've had conversation with say that IPSC or USPSA are gamers compared to the IDPA leagues since they allow more modifications or "race" guns. I carry my G17 and use it for competition. Swapping parts is easy.....carrying a G34 would more than likely not be as easy for me. I won't tell you what parts I swap, but it's still legal for USPSA matches. I'm just wondering what edge one gains with a competition model Glock in IDPA that couldn't be accomplished with a standard production model and slight modifications. I'm just wondering about two things.......the IDPA basics, and the need for a competition model over a standard model. My intentions are not to start any debate. I'm all for whatever works best for you for the intended application, and I'm happy you love your Glock first and foremost! Glock on!
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    Best glock i've ever owned.
  7. willfully armed

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    The 34 is the only gun allowed to have extended magazine release and extended slide stop in the SSP division, as they are factory installed on that model.

    Add in more mass, longer bbl, and longer sight radius..... its a ringer for IDPA.
  8. girphoto

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    Purchased a G34 about 2 months ago, Added a set of Dawson Precision sights, FO front & Black Serrated rear.
    Just added a Dawson ICE MagWELL to aid in quick mag changes and have a few mag's with with Dawson Base Additions & Freeman Additions.

    The gun shoots great especially with the longer sight radius.

    Photos to follow......:)
  9. KennyFSU

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    The 34 is also my favorite Glock, I only use it for the range and it performs flawlessly.