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  1. Uchahi

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    Hey, I would like to say before I start that I know nothing nothing about what I am talking about so please correct me. I would like to get rifle that is semi military.

    What I want:
    1. A m-4 style stock with like 4 positions.

    2. Fire the 223/5.56

    3. Folding sights

    4. Ability to add red dot + flashlight.

    1. If a 223 and 5.56 are the same bullet why does the barrel have to be stamped 5.56.

    2. What are some of the main differences between like a Bush master/ ar-15 / ruger 556?

    3. Are there a lot of options and accessorize for these guns?

    4. What are somethings to keep in mind when purchasing one?
  2. Txhillbilly

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    Uchahi,First there is a big variety of do-dads that you can accessorize an AR platform weapon with. You will have to decide on just what you are going to do with it. Targets,Hunting,Tactical,Home/Self Defense,etc.

    223 or 5.56- A 5.56 caliber round has higher chamber pressures than the standard 223 caliber round. Most will advise not to shoot 5.56 ammo out of a 223 chambered weapon,I personally have fired thousands of rounds of 5.56 through a Mini 14 without any issues. Maybe I was lucky,but I have never had pressure issues with 5.56 rounds in that rifle.
    There is also a 223 Wylde chamber that some mfg's are chambering into their barrels.My RRA and Model 1 Sales AR15's both have this chamber,it lets you shoot both 223 & 5.56 out of them with no worries.

    Bushmaster is just a brand of AR's,Remington owns them now.
    An AR15 is just a modular rifle,that has several different calibers available through many mfg's.Calibers for AR15's range from 204 through 50 Beowulf,all you need is a complete upper and magazine change to shoot a different caliber in most cases.
    I don't know much about the Ruger 556,other than it is a gas piston style upper,and pretty much a copy of the SigArms 556,IMO.I've read that the gas piston guns run cooler,and cleaner than the standard style AR15.

    As far as Accessories go,How much do you want to spend. There are so many parts and pieces that you can add on to this platform it will make your head spin.

    Most of the name brand mfg's build a great gun-RRA,DPMS,Stag,Bushmaster/Remington are great places to start.
    If you are mechanically inclined you might also think about putting one together yourself,then you will also know how the rifle is built/works and also have just the gun you want without having spare parts setting around that were taken off a pre-assembled gun. In most cases you will also save some money too,unless you want top of the line products on the gun.

    Go to the AR section here on the forum and read some of the sticky's on building your own.There are plenty of guy's around here that will be more than happy to offer you help,or answer any questions. THB

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    Certainly pay attention to what Tx and everyone else that jumps in here says. Another thought is that you can find rifles that fit your requirements that aren't on the AR platform.

    You can add an adjustable stock and rails to the AK series/clones, Mini 14, and probably more that I can't think of right now. Cane has a nice looking AK that is modern polymer, adjustable stock, has accessory rails, the whole nine yards.
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    Buy the Heckler & Koch 416 if you want a .223/5.56 rifle that REALLY can take abuse :D

    You can drop 'em in the mud like an AK47, pick it up and fire like crazy :D

    Same for water & sand in the OTB models...no real effect on 'em.

    Heckler & Koch - USA
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    I also think some guy referred to the ar-15 to as the lego set of the gun the world.
  6. spyderfan

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    Listen to Tex and I am pretty sure Slo and Cane now like everything possible about ARs
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    When you start looking for an AR-15 it can be a bit confusing, your going to see 15 guns on a website that all look alike and your thinking to yourself why are there so many options. If you can go to a large store that has several different styles that you can hold in your hand and make a more informed decision as to what you like.

    Also you will spend at least $800 and could spend up to $3500 and that's for something off the shelf not a custom designed gun built to your specs. I would recommend going low to middle end for your first one. You can find a gun that meets your requirements for $1k or under, if after looking you see a few other things you like then that price might go up slightly but I would avoid paying to much for upgrades that you don't know you really want/need. Check out the AR-15 section and range reports, you will find guys who spend around 1k on an off the shelf gun and it shoots quarters at 100 yards all day long.

    I didn't see a stupid question in your post at all.