Lots of paper and lead dust created

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by partdeux, Dec 28, 2011.

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    My principal purpose was to get my new red dot aligned on my 22/45. It has four different views, and surprisingly there's an alignment difference between them. Hopefully this will help me compete during the friday night plate duels :) I held my own with open sites, usually getting beat with the #$%$$^% sticking mag. That's next on my list to fix that!

    Then on to shooting my XDM9c it's been feeling neglected lately. I had settled down enough to actually do some pretty good shooting. When totally focused, was hitting an extremely small grouping. Then I tried the speer gold dot instead of the hole punching reloads. BIG DIFFERENCE!

    Then I get SWMBO'd new Bersa .380, she was really struggling. Can't say that I did a whole lot better. We both were shooting really low. She loves the carryability, but needs to spend some time loving it :) She shot her XDM9c and was much better.

    Youngest ran 20 rounds through our P22, and for some reason shifted to SWMBO'd Browning. I missed the switch, I wanted the p22 to get a bigger workout. She did enjoy the browning and was remarkably accurate.

    We only have two electronic ear muffs, so I used foam ear plugs. My ears are still ringing several hours later :( Going to go get some higher db rated muffs tomorrow. Guess the combination of the .45, .22, 9, .380 was a little more then they could handle.

    The joy of all that shooting and all those guns... somebody gets to clean them all :)

    All in all, a lot of fun had by all!