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    Reprinted from local new channel:

    LEE COUNTY, GA (WALB) - Two Georgia teenagers found a loaded gun in a grocery store restroom Tuesday afternoon and it turns out the gun belongs to a retired FBI agent.

    The gun, a 40 caliber SIG loaded with 12 hollow point bullets, was lying on the right side of a sink in the men's restroom at a Publix store.

    15 and 16-year-old brothers found the gun, and told their mother who alerted the store manager. He then called the sheriff's office.

    60-year-old David Hallman heard a news report about the discovery of the gun and realized that he was missing his own pistol. He then remembered that he'd left it in the bathroom at Publix.

    The retired FBI agent had placed the gun on the sink, washed his hands, and left -- leaving the gun behind.

    He called the county sheriff and told him that the weapon was his.

    Hallman, who has a Georgia Firearms License issued in Lee County, met with the sheriff, proved the gun was his, and reclaimed it.

    The sheriff has notified the Lee County Probate Court, which handles firearms licenses applications, of the incident.

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    Will that happen to us? perhaps? perhaps not--the best thing to do is--don't take it off your holster.

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    Any regular citizen would have paid a fine and gone to jail.
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    In 1962 I was in the courthouse to pay my very first fine for a ticket I got in my dad's '56 Pontiac convertable. I went to the mens room and found a snub nose .38 hanging on the coat hook in one of the stalls. Like an idiot, I carried it out and handed it to the clerk behind the desk where I was to pay my ticket. Turned out to belong to one of the detectives that was to testify later that day. As far as I know, nothing was done about the incident.
    Nowdays I would probably have been shot. I did get a thank you but still had to pay the $15.00 fine for not having a drivers license in Oklahoma. I did have my temp. from Calif tho.
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    I love the stories of the USA before we became a police state.

    1)If you did that today you would be dead.
    2) if you were not dead (luck perhaps). Your fine would probly be $500.
    3) you couldn't afford to put gas in an old Pontiac. (anybody here about O'bummer shooting down the oil line in Canada?).
    4) the detective would get a promotion to the ATF.
    5) there would be no thank you exchanged or implied. Just Gitmo.
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