Looks like its fixin to get for real boys and girls.

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Ghost1958, Jul 5, 2020.

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    You can directly blame George Soros. He literally controls the media, even Fox news, is the money behind BLM/Antifa ... and so much more. I don't know that he directly controls the Democratic party, but indirectly I am sure he has every Democrat elected official in a strangle hold through financial means and perhaps even blackmail. The media is prohibited from even talking about him. A very recent interview on Fox with Harris Faulkner and Newt Gingrich is a classic example .... soon as Newt started talking about Soros, Faulkner got a message in her ear to cut him off and move on ... and Newt was cut off. Harris obviously wasn't happy about it, but there is little she could do ... obey or end her career. And Soros wants to push this country into civil war. Trump is Soros's worst nightmare. Soros is afraid of a "Trump dynasty" happening (Trump followed by his son/s and maybe his daughter) in 2024, 2028, 2032. If Trump wins the election, expect violence like you cannot even imagine. Pure evil.

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    As for "good" and "evil" ... Frankly, when the truly good and evil acts show themselves, nearly everyone recognizes it for what it is.

    Setting fire to a home or shop -- clearly, that cannot be a "good" in any sense of the term.

    A strong-arm or armed robbery beginning and playing out right before our eyes -- clearly, knowing how it started, it's impossible to term anything like it as a "good."

    Aiding someone across a street -- hard to call that, as it's playing out, an "evil." Unless some subsequent act shows that act to be an "evil." (Like clopping the proverbial little ol' lady upside the head then taking her purse.)

    For the simple acts we witness before us, most are clear as to what they are.

    As for the "gray" areas that perps attempt to hide behind, well those are difficult to discern at times. Until they're not.

    With combatants playing out a brief engagement (as in an assault, a mugging, or similar), it's often impossible to know who's the "perp" and who's the "good guy." Until its causes and justifications get looked into. Which is one of the reasons we hire investigating and enforcement staff (in LE) to aid us.

    Still, in the end, it is WE as the citizens who hold the ultimate authority and justification for protecting ourselves, others and our communities. WE are whom such authority flows from, to detain others upon suspicion of crimes against us/others. We're often ill-equipped, to be sure, to perform much investigation, and it's often much wiser to hand over such people to formal LE (if it exists in a town, which, in many smaller places, doesn't exist) to accomplish that task.

    Which brings us back to what we witness before us, as apparent crimes and bad acts. We (at least in the U.S. we do) have the authority to halt what we reasonably see as bad (or, "evil" if you prefer) acts perpetrated upon us or others. And the laws, except in certain heinous authoritarian (typically socialist) hell holes that actively attempt to deprive people of the illusion they control such aspects of their lives, fairly strongly support this. You see something, then act if you chose ... with the knowledge that your actions shall be reviewed by others to ensure "reasonableness" of them.

    I'm good with that. Most are.

    Yes, there are "perps" out there seeking to "game" the system and us. Yes, there are idiots out there who though among "the good guys" don't generally have their heads screwed on straight and who'll very possibly get themselves (and possibly others) in a crack if they act. But, for the most part, good people are good and true and won't generally overreact or incorrectly act in situations where they're forced to do so. Choice of the lesser of evils, and all, and the fact that as citizens we still hold the authority. Just choose wisely.

    ^ None of this, at least IMO, is grounds to claim citizens aren't worthy and aren't responsible and won't act properly, thus everyone's to be stripped of such authority beforehand so we don't get mistaken acts by people. Such bad acts are on the bad actors and those who make poor choices of "reasonableness." Such acts have zero to do with the tens of millions of others who haven't acted poorly and who still have every authority to defend themselves and others.
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    Watch what the Democrats will try to do to keep Trump from putting another Justice on the Supreme Court to replace RBG. They are having an apoplectic fit, already threatening violence if he gets it done before the election ... and shooting themselves in the foot with that ... as well as thoroughly invigorating Republicans to get out and vote to assure Trump has a 2nd term and can get it done then. The Dems are screwed, they are going to lose the election and they know it, their chances of hanging on to Roe Vs. Wade are going to be less, their attempts to cheat in the election via millions of fraudulent mail-in votes will fail and they know that. George Soros is also having an apoplectic fit. So expect ANYTHING. And I would suggest keeping one of these handy.
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    Evil is deliberately harming another being for the joy doing harm brings you.
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    Once again- if you want to make posts about politics, put it in politics.
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