Looking to price .22 rifle...help appreciated.

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    I have a 59'-65'' Marlin .22 S.L. & LR. in pretty good shape. I have a couple other .22 LRs, so i'm looking on trading this one towards getting my better half a pistol she could handle. I was looking through the search engine, and couldn't find a solid price. I did, however, stumble across this forum that i should be a part of. So, i'm just looking for any help on the price range of this gun. I can send pics to anyone if that would help. TIA!

    I found one on GunsAmerica selling for $300...is that about the range i'm looking at?
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    Trading only benefits the Gun Shop Owner...I prefer to sell things privatly & then buy new. Get as much for the old rifle as possible, then take Cash to buy the new toy for the wifey.

    There are hundreds of nice pistols of many types available. The Beretta Neo might be right up her alley because it has different color grips (pink/etc) available. Gun Kote has paint available in almost every color so no matter what she decides, you can make it personally hers.

    My wifey to be was looking at .22's all day at a gun show, almost got the Neo, then decided on a 9mm Taurus 24/7 Compact...go figure. You never know WHICH way a gal will go when you take her gun shopping :confused:

    She had to get used to the kick, but she loves it :)

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    Are you refering to a lever gun or a bolt or a semi auto.

    It will make some difference.

    BTW I am looking for a 39a lever gun.

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    Need Model #??

    VS we really need to know Model and poss. serial # to be accurate on any appraisal of your Marlin. Unless between $50-800 would be close enough:eek:NOT!! No really-let us know the Model. Believe me LOTS are looking for 39A's for a cheap price!:D
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    59 foot to 69 inch? Sounds like a long gun!

    In all seriousness it's probably worth around $300. I would need pics though. Condition is important.

    EDIT: I say it's worth $300, but if that's what they are selling it for its probably the upper end of the price range.
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    Blue- we need you to stay after class today, and write "I will not answer 3 year old threads" 100 times.
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    Sorry this came up as recent while I was browsing the .22 section. Must of went a little (a lot) far back. My bad.