Looking to possibly get a Glock, what te the differences?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by TerminalE3, May 30, 2014.

  1. TerminalE3

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    Looking to get a Glock, what are some recommendations? What's the difference between the different gen models? Own 1911's, Sigs mainly so those are the handguns I'm mainly familiar with.
  2. Mercator

    Mercator Active Member

    All Gen 4s but only compact Gen 3s have dual captured recoil springs. In theory those will last longer than the single springs. Other differences are cosmetic - the stippling, the grip inserts, the mag release button.

    Every model has its core purpose, the rest depends on your needs.

  3. Gatoragn

    Gatoragn Active Member

    The Gen 4's come with 4 backstrap attachments that you can swap to find the best fit for your hand.

    Here is a decent article on Glock evolution.


    Oh yeah, I own and shoot 1911s & Glocks, too.
  4. Vincine

    Vincine New Member

    That's the biggest difference between the gen 3 & 4s.

    For Glocks in general:
    Many people dislike the Glock sights and change them;
    Glocks have polygon rifling and advise not to shoot unjacketed bullets, so some change the barrel so they can shoot cheaper lead bulleted reloads.
  5. Argyle_Armoring

    Argyle_Armoring New Member

    You can still shoot unjacketed lead bullets in Glock OEM barrels. You just need to use a lead solvent after shooting and do a good job cleaning the barrel.

    I own 1911's, Glocks, Sigs, and I have shot just about everything out there. Glock is still the only gun I trust 100% to work every single time and to defend my life and that of my family as well. Some people don't like the grips of Glocks. That's why there's 4 different backstraps with the Gen 4's to find the grip that works. I prefer the Gen 4 over the Gen 3 and a $20 difference between the two shouldn't be a deal breaker.

    Why do I prefer the Gen 4? Small grip size without one of the extra backstraps and the stippling allows me to shoot without changing my grip after consecutive shots.

    Some people complain the grip angle prevents them from shooting this gun as well as their 1911. Hogwash! If you are proficient with basic shooting skills you can shoot a Glock just as well as any other gun. I prefer to shoot my Glocks in competitions/matches. I have shot 1911's but I prefer my Glocks because that's what I carry every day. Just last month I took first place in a bowling pin match. I was shooting my Gen 4 Glock 34 9mm. I beat everyone else there shooting 1911 .45's. So buy a Glock and practice with it and you too can shoot shotgun shells at 25 yards with no problem.
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  6. John_Deer

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    If you go to the Glock website there is a compare tool. You just select the models you are interested in buying and click compare. You can see every spec about the guns side by side. You will see there isn't lot of difference between a gen 3 and a gen 4. Everything about the gen 3 that might have made it more durable has been phased out. I choose the gen 4 because there is one set of parts for the gen 4. Plus you get an extra magazine and the backstrap system that I don't use. Glock pistols fit my had as is. I don't like the stock finger grooves so I put a hogue handall on the gun to move the finger groves to fit my hand.
  7. targa

    targa Member

    Are you still in the military? I only ask because if you are and decide to get a Glock make sure to go through Glocks Blue Label program. I did this and picked up a Gen 4, 26 model for $398. That's roughly $100-$140 off the price that they typically run for. Have fun shopping. By the way, the 26 is a great CCW, not as good as a single stack but not many double stacks are and it is very accurate with minimal recoil.
  8. John_Deer

    John_Deer New Member

    Another thing I have noticed is a lot of shooters using +0 grip extensions on G19 (compact) sized pistols. If you need a grip extension on a pistol that large you are holding the gun to low. My hand is over six inches wide at the knuckles. Not many people have a hand that large. I am easily getting all three fingers on the the stock as is right out of the box.

    If you pocket carry a G26 (sub compact) size pistol the +0 grip extensions prevent the gun from falling out of your pocket when sitting in a low chair or in a recliner.
  9. KJL

    KJL New Member

    Ok, gen 4. I have a 17 gen 4, and a 21 gen 3 which I replaced the recoil spring on the 21 with an after market dual action spring.
    Both Guns shoot with the same recoil. A 9mm Vs 45. I think Glock missed the boat with their Gen 4 springs. EFK on a gen 3 or 4 is the way to go.

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