Other Looking to get some new gear… any help?

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    I plan on going on a lot of camping trips in the coming months, and I'm looking for a sleeping bag and a backpack that's going to hold up for long hikes.

    Is military gear the best way to go? There is some really durable army gear and I like the style of it, but I haven't bought a pack or a sleeping bag in a while, so there might be a better option out there.

    I found some Goarmy site that has decent prices, plus their mummy bags and highlander packs look decent. Anyone shop there before? I've made the mistake of getting cheap sleeping bags before, and I never got that great of sleep because of it.

    The one I have now is horrible in the fall, when it cools down, and I already had to patch it up a couple times. Oh, and what's better… external frame backpacks or internal? I can never decide.

    I don't know… give me some suggestions so that I can get into some good camping this summer.