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    I am looking to buy a rifle soon, and would like some general feedback from the public. I know everyone has their favorite rifle manufacture, but I am really looking for an honest opinion on the rifle/manufacture itself, not what you would but because you like it.

    I know first questions will be for what purpose is the rifle, and I will say for now it is totally multi-purpose. At first I am sure I am just going to target shoot at the range with friends and blow up soda bottles and cans. But eventually I want to put some optics on it and use it for hunting.

    Currently I am considering the following

    Savage Arms, Model: 10 FCP-K. I know it is put of their law enforcement series, but it come with all the bells and whistles I want.

    Thompson/Center, T/C Venture™ Predator.

    Any feedback on the companies or rifles would be awesome.
  2. ScottA

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    Savage makes a great rifle.

  3. cpttango30

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    Take a look at Howa as well. good guns at good prices.

    The only drawback I see is they are made in japan. But that is not much of a drawback really.
  4. SirCadfael

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    Savage Model 11

    I picked up a Savage Model 11 (actually, the 11 FCXP3) at Dick's Sporting Goods today.

    Two weeks ago I received an advert in the mail for their upcoming Hunting/Outdoor specials and they offered the Savage Model 111 in either .270 or 30-06 for $399.99. Good price I thought after doing some web surfing. Even better considering their advert also had a $50.00 off coupon! The only downside was wanting a .308 WIN; not that the .270 or 30-06 aren't great calibers, I just prefer the .308 WIN.

    I finally got around to going to Dick's today and the salesman was a super guy. He asked what caliber I wanted and I mumbled, "well your advert says .270 or 30-06 but I really wanted a .308." Without blinking an eye he was off to the backroom and returned with a sealed box. Voila! Savage Model 11 in .308 WIN that was just delivered to the store two days ago!

    Drooling, I sheepishly asked the price. His response was..."same as the advertised price of the other two calibers...$399.99." I then asked, "does the $50.00 off coupon... and before I could finish he said, "yes sir, the coupon is good towards the purchase of a rifle."

    I could have kissed him! :)

    As quickly as I could get my driver's license out of my wallet I was filling out the forms to buy this beauty. No, it doesn't have the AccuTrigger nor AccuStock, but dang, I'm an old school, former Gyrene who's used to M-14's and Vietnamese jungles. We didn't have accu-anything 'cept our marksmanship skills from Parris Island! Worked then, makes sense it will work now.

    So, the morale of the story....if you can get your hands on the Dick's Sporting Goods mailout with the $50.00 coupon, head over their way. If you're looking for a .308 WIN (or any caliber for that matter) ask the green shirts if they have them for the same price as advertised for the .270 or 30-06. You just may be pleasantly surprised.

    Oh BTW...sale ends 31 October so you have a few days remaining.
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    I think any of those on your pick list would be a good. The synthetic stocks IMO on the Howas seem better to me than what comes on most Savages. I don't have any experience with T/C, but from what I've read they are fine. I would look at everything on your list and take the best deal.