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Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by elbellet, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. elbellet

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    Hi guys

    New to the forum here. I'm looking for a shotgun in the sub 600 dollar range. Mainly to shoot trap and skeet with occasionally (couple times a month).

    No really looking for a pump action gun, so no 870 or 500. Great guns no doubt just not what I'm looking for.

    SxS shotguns really intrigue me but seem frowned upon for trap?

    I really appreciate the help so thank you in advance.


  2. BrooklynFaTs

    BrooklynFaTs New Member

    What's up Eric why don't you check out the mossberg hunter o/ u ,I've been shooting trap and sleet with it ,this is gonna be my first year with the birds with it ,I bought it just under 400 bucks ,it was a great buy love this gun ,check it out

  3. Blueguns

    Blueguns New Member

    For an o/u I'd agree with BrooklynFats. For a semi I'd say a used rem 1100.
  4. kfox75

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    Good sugestions so far guys.

    Welcome aboard Eric! When you some extra time, stop by the introductions thread and let us know a little more about you.

    Now, an answer to your post. Check around for a used double or over under at the smaller gun shops in your area. I have a Stevens Springfield that I picked up for $400 at the archery shop my wife and I frequent about a year ago. The only work I have into It is a replacement butt pad (about $20) and a good cleaning. My step daughter and I both use it for trap and skeet and I use it for phesant during most of my hunts. BTW, she is averaging 24\25 in her trap league. It's the shooter, not the shotgun.

    Another good option that is well within your price range is one of the old Mossberg bolt actions. My 185d and ka 20 gauges, and my Kessler 30c 12 gauge are pretty much the most versitile shotguns I own. I can shoot trap in the morning, go afield in the afternoon, twist the choke to a new setting, and hunt anything from duck to deer with the same gun. Brooklyn fats and blueguns also sugested some great options as well. Check out a few and go with what suits your needs best. Good luck and enjoy.
  5. TekGreg

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    Mossberg is good quality and their O/U is no different. It shoots trap and skeet like a pro!

    Also consider used if you want a more expensive brand. Post ads on sites like Armslist.com that you want a used shotgun. Used gives you more "bang-for-the-buck" (sorry, couldn't help myself) and you'll usually get a few responses that will solve your problem.