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  1. yesicarry

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    Hello All,

    I recently came into some money and dont want to squander it.. So I decided to get some advice before buying shotgun accessories..

    I have a Mossberg 500a. 18 1/2 inch barrel. Heat shield, pistol grip with 3 point tactical sling. But am looking into getting some add ons for it.. Is used for home defense only..

    Looking for a flashlight/laser to mount on it. But yet local GS has one for 300 bucks. NOT !! I paid only $199 for the whole rifle 14 years ago.

    Any suggestions for a reliable light/laser that wont break the bank ?

    Also, I have read that the newer 500a's cannot accept an aftermarket pistol fore grip. Any clues to say if mine will accept one ? What to look for etc. ?

    Thanks for any help..
  2. bkt

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    Not sure what to suggest specifically, but the most I would do to such a gun is get a light for it. Lots of places have replacement fore-ends with light mounts and pressure switches or mounts for the mag tube. Get a decent light to go in it and you're done. A sling and a light are all you need or want on a tac gun like that.

  3. slowryde45

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    First thing I would do...replace your pistol grip with one of these...

    Knoxx Spec-Ops stock

    Then change your forearm to...

    Ergo 3-rail forearm

    Then you can pick up a variety of add-ons, from vertical fore grips to flashlight mounts, etc.

    Streamlight TLR-2

    flashlight forearm

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  4. FCross7

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    The reason the fore ends can't be changed on some of the mossbergs is because the action bars are permanently attached to the fore end. So an easy way to tell if it can be changed is to take the slide off and see if you can take the action bars off of it.

  5. yesicarry

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    Wow. Some good advice..
    bkt- I like your approach. Keep it simple.. A light only. In fact, the actual field of view with a light only is about the pattern for shot out of a short barrel.. Something to think about..
    slowryde- The stock looks pretty cool. I do want to keep this a very short accurate weapon so the buttstock is not something I'm looking for. I have shot this with MAG 00 Buck and can handle it without one. The rail fore grip says "meatgrinder".. Left hand would be tore up. Although the fore grip with the light in it was pretty cool..Hmm.
    FCross7- Will have to finally do that.. Never been done. I always took the lazy way for cleaning.. Aerosol cleaners.. And lube.. Green ? Thats the color of the streetlights. Right ?
    Damn... Now to take advice and shop..

    Ok.. If my wife gets piss*d..I'll talk to ya guys a lot more in the next month.
  6. slowryde45

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    No problem...but the so-called "meatgrinder" uses the same principal as railed forearms on AR's. It allows you to attach whatever accessories - such as lights, lasers, vertical grips, etc. If you look through the Ergo site, you'll see covers that snap on over the rails to prevent the grinder from getting you ;)

    Like these....

    PK Firearms - handguard covers

    flashlight mounts

    lights and lasers

    vertical fore grips

    For "less-expensive" alternatives....

    Cheaper than Dirt lights & lasers

    stocks and grips

    the ladder-style handguard covers, as well as the solid ones are easy to trim to fit around whatever accessory you might have mounted to your rails. I showed you the "meatgrinder" forearm, because it allows you the most flexibility to mount anything to. the covers were designed to cover up the rails you aren't using, to protect your hands.

    if you go to the Blackhawk site, they have a full review of that stock from Knoxx Industries. I have the Spec-Ops stock on my 500 and 590, and swear by them. My wife, my son, even younger nephews and nieces used to run away from the chance to shoot the shotguns. Not anymore. With that stock on the gun, you have more accurate aiming than a pistol grip alone would offer, it's collapsible to keep it short enough for close quarters like in the house, and the stock absorbs more recoil than most semi-auto shotguns out there, allowing you faster follow-up shots.

    But it all comes down to what you are trying to be able to do with the gun, and what you want it to look like.