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    California gun laws are dumber than most and as a result, I'm thinking about selling my AR-15 and buying a mini 30, primarily because I can't handle the bullet button any more, and as a California resident, its necessary on any pistol grip rifle (as well as being necessary on any black rifle that has the scary features). Since being able to change mags quickly in a semi-auto carbine is pretty essential to its purpose, its time for a change. So, rather than incur the cost of building or converting a featureless rifle, I'd like to start a new project with the under-appreciated 7.62x39 round (which I like better anyways). I'm concerned about a lot of issues I see raised about the mini-30 though.

    Is it really going to be a struggle to get reasonable accuracy out of it? Or is that something I really only need to be worried about with early models? I understand the barrel flex is the primary cause of inaccuracy, and I'm not expecting it to be a sub MOA gun, but I would hate to buy the thing then fail at hitting a 200 yard target. I've read through the accurizing the mini 14 threads, and it all seems pretty doable. Between all those steps and the addition of glass bedding, what kind of accuracy am I looking at?

    Is wolf ammo really the nightmare everyone makes it out to be? Cause being the cheapest regularly available that may be a deal breaker. Anyone got a consistent fix for firing on the hard primers?

    There seems to be a constant struggle to find quality magazines (particularly "high capacity" mags... which aren't much of a concern since I'm in California). Any brand recommendations specific to the mini 30? Here is one fix I stumbled upon and didnt understand at all...


    Ultimately I'd like to take a carbine course at some point (cause whats the point of owning one without learning how to use it), is this doable with the mini? A lot of people criticize them as being 20 rd/min guns, and in a course that may have you fire 1500 rounds over three days I'd be a bit concerned over the mini's performance. I'm assuming its a concern over the tendency towards vertical stringing. Is that criticism still valid after bedding, cryogenic stress relieve, a muzzle break, shorter barrel, and a barrel strut?

    In looking for tips to make the mini-30 more accurate I found this:
    Between this modification and the bedding he claims to have achieved.75" groups at 150 yards with a mini-30. Probably had more to do with the bedding right?

    Last question, are after market barrels worth it? Cheapest (and only) bull barrels I can find are part of an 800 dollar package found here

    Can somebody help... All this inquiring and thinking hurts my brain...
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    If you buy one of the newer 580 series they're pretty accurate for a semi auto. Mine in 223 cal shoots at about 1-1/4 inch to 1-1/2 inch at 100 yards groups. My brother shoots a 6.8 spc at about 1-1/4 inch groups at 100 yards. He runs a Hogue stock which really corrects the pull legnth for him. You'll still have to run 10 round magazines to be legal in Cali. The biggest thing to improve accuracy on the newer 580 series is a trigger job. Don't know about the barrel and cost for improving accuracy (the newer ones are thicker where it counts) but the morod works for the older ones and the newer ones that are not accurate from the factory. I don't know what the barrel life would be for the 7.62X39 but it may be similar to the 7.62X51 which is very good @ 7000+ rounds.
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