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    Back in March,I got in on a group buy on some E.R.Shaw barrels from The Gun Shack.
    I ordered 2 barrels,a 26" Varmint contour 7mm-08 and another in 6.5 Creedmoor.Both in Stainless steel.

    I was beginning to think the barrels would never get built,but I received a phone call a couple days ago,and the 7mm-08 barrel will be here this week.I really wanted the 6.5 barrel to show up first,but I'll have to wait another month or so for it.
    I've never used Shaw barrels before,but have some guy's that shoot with me that have them,and they shoot decent.I prefer a higher grade barrel like Hart,Lilja,Shilen,etc.,but for the price I bought the Shaw barrels,I had to give them a try.

    My Savage 12FLP will be the rifle that will get these barrels installed on.It is a 308 now,but has never shot as well as my 10FLCP 308.


    Now if I can just find some 7mm-08 brass,everyone is out of stock,so I ordered some once fired that I found.
    If these barrels will shoot moa or better,I'll be happy with them,and they'll serve their purpose as varmint/target/hunting barrels.
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    Congrats. That should be a very accurate rifle in 7mm-08. The Creedmor should be accurate too. Let us know how they work out.