looking for the absoloutely cheepest ar build possible

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    I have built one ar , but i used a complete upper because i wasn't confident in my ability to properly head space (no place for pride you cant mess around their) so now i am looking for the absolute lowest cost method to build a flat top A.R because i want a second with the 5.56 chamber. (first was .223) i want to do 100% of the assembly this time and not have the a2 sight post .

    any recommendations/ prior build lists that come in cheep?
  2. soldierman79

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    You can't go wrong with the Del-ton kits. I love mine!

  3. mjkeat

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    My recommendation is to be careful. You may end up w/ a huge bag of regret trying to go as cheap as possible. There are some real D-bags selling crap to unsuspecting buyers.
  4. Quentin

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    You might look at these guys. They seem to offer a milspec AR cheaper than anyone else right now... about $650

    Palmetto State Armory 14.5'' 5.56 CL 1/7 Upper
    Complete PSA AR-15 Lower - Classic Edition

    ETA: Oh I noticed you want to build your upper and for cheap... Well that can be done but you must have access to the proper tools or you can easily add an extra $100 before buying even one upper component. Most of us buy complete uppers, no reason not to unless you just can't find exactly the upper you want.
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