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    Ok, so I’m not really a shotgun guy … I know handguns and rifles but my experience with shotguns is limited. I recently took an updated class for a hunting license and during the course I got a bit of a desire to try turkey hunting.

    What I would like help with is a shotgun that can serve multiple purposes. First, I want a relatively short barreled shotgun, pump action (don’t know if there is a semi-auto or bull-pup design to suit), with a pistol grip for home defense. I also want the following: ability to add an adjustable stock, ability to fire slugs for deer hunting (I’m thinking a rifled barrel), ability to fire shot and add various chokes (for turkey hunting), ability to use a wide range of ammo (2 ¾”, 3”, 3 ½” or just perhaps 3” but be able to use lower power rounds for small birds or squirrel), and the ability to store extra shells on it and perhaps a flashlight or additional optics. I’m thinking there is a shotgun out there that can serve these purposes, perhaps have multiple barrels for different uses, but I don’t know and searching brings up a lot of junk I’m not sure of.

    Do you think you guys can help me with what I’m looking for, models, to consider, mods to consider if needed and questions I might need to ask/answer?

    To be specific since laws matter, I live in Massachusetts.

    Essentially I’m looking for a shotgun I can use and breakdown to a small size for home defense and one that I can add a stock to for more stability for hunting that can fire slugs and shot.

    I would prefer 10 gauge but I know that isn’t common at all so a 12 gauge should be fine. I’m not sure of the ballistic differences between 2 ¾”, 3”, and 3 ½” shells specifically but I’m assuming a 3” will serve my purposes overall.

    I'm also curious:

    1. Are slugs better fired out of a rifled barrel vs. a smooth bore with a rifled sabot round?
    2. With a smooth bore, assuming a full choke and the same #5 shot, what would be the performance/accuracy/pattern difference between say an 18-20" barrel and a 28" barrel?

    Thanks a lot
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    First off, welcome to the forums. Nice to see another Ma$$hole kickin around. Stop by the introductions and tell us a little about yourself, we like that.:)

    You want a Remington 870 Super Magnum or Express Magnum. Its what I have and I can, and do, all the things you want. They are not very expensive, can fire any ammo, and have a LOT of after-market parts available from MidWayUSA. Others will say the Mossberg 500 is also a good choice, and it is. I just prefer the 870.

    Just a few things I've done with my 870. Pistol grip w/ extension or with my refinished wood grips. I also take the extension off and put a 26" vent rib barrel on for bird hunting or skeet/trap shooting. I've found the 18" barrel with iron sights has decent accuracy with slugs out to 50 yards - enough to take a deer with.

    Plus, everyone needs an 870.

    Unless your name is Dillinger and can't own a gun that costs less than $1000. :rolleyes:

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    Some good advice already. Another advantage to the 870 if you are going pistol grip/collapsing stock is the location of the action release on an 870 is more convenient. On the Mossberg it gets kind of hidden away by the pistol grip. That being said I am a Mossberg owner and have a collapsing pistol grip stock. With enough training you can overcome the inconvenient location of the action release. I am not having any problems with it from the shoulder firing position but I have big hands and have live/ dry cycled enough to not even think about it any more.

    As far as a rifled barrel here is a short video of me hitting a 12” gong at 200 yard with a 20” smooth bore. Excuse the trash as its a couple days before clean up. I can hit it at 100 yards more times than not...blow up the vid and you can see the slugs in flight
    I have even shot clay with it but you have to get them quick with open choke, but barrels are cheap for these and could make it into a goose gun in minutes

    You really cant go wrong with an 870 or a 500/590

    Mossberg 500, Knoxx recoil stock, PA micro green dot reflex in a Burris protector base.
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  4. c3shooter

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    In GENERAL- rifled slug- smoothbore barrel. Sabot slugs- RIFLED barrel.
  5. mesinge2

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    I have a Mossberg 535 ATS Field that is capable of of 3.5", 3", and 2.75" shells and comes with two barrels a Smooth bore and a Rifled bore. It was only $300 as well. It has the accu-choke system and IMO it patterns a little too tight with the modified choke compared to my 20" barrel 500.

  6. Gordo323

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    Another vote for the Rem. 870.
    IMHO it is the 10/22 or AR-15 of shotguns.
    Dependable and alot of options.
    I own a few :)
  7. Theblakester

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    This is what I think you'll want-- Remington 870 express magnum 12 gauge
    Mine came with a 28 inch vent ribbed barrel w/ adjustable chokes
    bought a 24 inch Mossberg 500 ported rifled barrel (fits remington 870) w/ 3x9 adjustable scope great for deer and larger game. very accurate up to 150 yds
    bought an 18 inch police barrel for home defense-cylinder bore
    bought a tac star pistol grip for home defense (don't personally suggest it unless you practice AA LOOTT with it b/c its not as accurate.

    If you look at the other gun (my 870 20 ga) i bought a blackhawk knoxx recoil reducing adjustable length stock-- love it..notice it also has pistol grip. THis style stock i think is better for a remington than a mossberg due to the grip and safety location (mossberg safety is on top of the receiver and is harder to hit when holding gun by pistol grip).
    you might also look into a mag ext tube and tactical light for HD

    1. Are slugs better fired out of a rifled barrel vs. a smooth bore with a rifled sabot round?-----rifled or foster slugs can be fired out of a smooth bore barrel. Sabot (say-bow) slugs are more accurate at longer distances and are made for a rifled barrel.
    2. With a smooth bore, assuming a full choke and the same #5 shot, what would be the performance/accuracy/pattern difference between say an 18-20" barrel and a 28" barrel?-------That depends on the range you are shoooting at. At home defense range the choke you use will matter much less than the ammo you choose. At 40 yds, a cylinder bore 18 inch barrel will pattern much wider than a 28 inch barrel w/ a full choke. Best thing to do is to try different ammos out and see what your gun "likes" best. Check out theboxoftruth.com for patterning tests.
    The Box O' Truth #20 - Buckshot Patterns - Page 1
    The Box O' Truth #44 - Shotgun Chokes and Buckshot - Page 1
    The Box O' Truth #45 - Shotgun Chokes and Buckshot Part Two - Page 1
    The Box O' Truth #46 - Shotgun Slugs, Sabots, and Smooth Bore Barrels - Page 1
    The Box O' Truth #43 - Buckshot in a Rifled Shotgun Barrel - Page 1

    Good luck!

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    One think Ive noticed is that my Mossberg 500 recoils Up while the 870 goes back more. Another thing ive noticed is the Mossberg 500 has a Wiggly pump handle like you can Twist it A LITTLE bit the 870 is not wiggly at all and is a better gun, higher quality. My brother and i put our guns side by side for hours and His 870 (express) has a Better bluing in my opinion. i personally like the feel of my mossberg while shooting it but the 870 is of better quality
  9. Werminator

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    I also have an 870... I love the versatility and abundance of options... If you like classic firearm you can get it... If you want tacticooool, there are a ton of options out there for that too... If you want a gun that fresh from the box will do the job, this is it. Price point is good as it is a more basic shotgun, but dependability and quality are not lacking...