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    Hi. I've been trying to find gun values online, but haven't had much luck.
    I found a gun blue book site, but didn't want to pay to register.
    It looks like this might be a good place to find some gun enthusiasts and I'm hoping someone already owns a blue book, or is knowledgeable of gun values.

    While I was cleaning out my mother's attic (she's 83) I came across a few rifles that belonged to my father, who passed away close to 10 years ago.

    She wants to give the guns away to anyone but me. Apparently at 42, I will still 'shoot my eye out'.

    She was going to sell them for $25.00 a piece, but I'm certain they're worth more.

    I only have the age of one of them, but I remember the guns from when I was young and I'd have to guess they're all over 50 years. All are in great condition.

    I've taken as much information as I could find on them, which I'll list below and if anyone could let me know what a fair asking/selling price would be, I'd be greatly appreciative.

    Thank you,

    1.) Winchester Repeating - Model 4 - 22 short
    Made in New Haven, Conn. August 29, 1899

    2.) JC Higgins (sears Roebuck) - 101.23 - 22 short

    3.) Lefever Arms Co. - Double Barrel - Nitro Special
    Made in Ithaca, New York

    4.) Remmington - Model 29 - 15029 - 12 guage - Full
    Made in Ilion, New York

    Thank you
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    First of all, welcome to the forum. Stop over by the intro section, and say howdy.

    Values. The value of an item is what the item will bring at sale. Old legal maxim. Blue Book, Gun Trader's Guide, and sales on a couple of the gun auction sites tell what a gun has SOLD for in the past. No guarantee that another like it will sell for same price. Values are driven by exact make, model, originality (no modifications) and CONDITION.

    However, I will tell you it is likely they are all worth more than $25. Unless it is a "sale" to a family member, anyone that offers her $25 should be flogged with something heavy and with sharp edges.

    ROUGH values-

    Winchester Mdl 4- little bolt action 22? ABOUT $200, depending on condition.

    Sears JC Higgins 101.23- not in my cross references. 101 usually indicates Savage/Stevens/Springfield (somewhat incestous relationship between the 3 companies) PROBABLY a Mdl 34 or Model 56. ABOUT $85-$100.

    Lefever- there are 2 companies by that name.
    You got the cheap one. If your gun has 2 triggers, ABOUT $300-$400. If it has 1 trigger, add another $100.

    Remington Mdl 29- ABOUT $275- could go $400 for VERY good condition.

    Disclaimer- not dealer, collector. Any of our members here that ARE dealers and disagree with above, please feel free to tell me I am full of crap- will not hurt my feelings.

    PS- please note- a dealer will not- CANNOT- offer those prices- those are retail- a dealer has to go wholesale- they have to stay in business. A dealer may offer half that amount, and not be out of line.
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    Theres $25 worth of info right there :D
    FOR GOODNESS SAKE- Talk her out of that $25 a peice stuff :eek:
    She could pawn them for a lot more :confused:
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    Thank you so much for the information. That sounds more along the lines of what I was thinking. Even better actually.
    I really appreciate your help!
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    gun values

    c3 knows his stuff .....next time your out near a sams....they have gun books .most on clearance.....................................................................................................................LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO SMOKE CHEAP CIGARETTES
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    if i was near florida i would buy em from her for 25$ then sell em back to you for 25$. shame to foolishly lose family heirlooms