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  1. VernonAltamirano

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    Can anyone suggest some links to find ammo, that you trust? I used to check out https://www.foundryoutdoors.com/ but they are totally sold out, i know some other links have been posted, any help?
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    The only PLACE I have ever ordered ammo from online is sgammo, but the best TIME to buy is not when there’s a crisis going on and everyone is panic buying.

    I used to be the guy that would buy 50-100 rounds the day before I went shooting and have a dozen or so rounds left over to buying/stocking what I can as I can afford it after the sandy hook/obama panic happened and I saw my first shortage.

    It would make me mad seeng people posting here about how they were still out shooting, not worried about ammo prices but now I’m in that boat.

    Use this not as a frustration but a learning experience. Slow down on your shooting now and pick up in your buying in the future.
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    I agree with austin, this is the first panic buying I've experienced but thankfully it slowed down enough to where I'm well stocked. Do I have enough ammo to keep shooting and not worry about my ammo supply decreasing? Well yes, as long as I shoot just a little. The cheaper stuff that's still easy to find and in bulk or individual boxes is birdshot from what I've seen. And skeets if your into skeet shooting. That's all I shoot for now as in alot because I'm well stocked on it and I can always still go buy more shells and skeets. My local Walmart is loaded with skeets, running a little low on the individual shotgun shell boxes (25 each) but the bulk where its 100 shells a box, they have a lot of that stuff in stock.

    However, all the popular calibers like 9mm, .22LR, .223/5.56 etc are still gonna be hard to find and some are way out price gouged.

    My LGS doesn't even put .223/5.56 out on the shelf anymore. They keep just a low supply of it under the counter and sell it only to those who ask because people that ask are the ones that really need it and that's all they're looking for.

    Otherwise, if its out on the shelf. It will be gone in the next hour. And alot of people that stop by there are folks strictly looking for AR ammo and nothing else.

    You can also try Palmetto State Armory, I bought from them last month. But you need to check almost every day because sometimes they'll sell over night or within a few days.
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    Go to Rural King's website and select notify on every item you're interested in. It is extremely rare, but every now and then they do get stuff in stock online at very good prices considering the current situation. You have to act immediately if you get a notification. It can disappear within minutes of receiving the notification. Someone already mentioned SGAmmo. There are several others that have decent deals at times, but you have to be there at the right moment. Just keep checking the sites multiple times every day.

    In my area, all of the pawn shops and gun stores have a 2-box limit on all calibers. One pawn shop has had a pretty steady stock on 5.56 and .223 at $8.99 per box. I try to go once a week, but making that drive everyday for 40 rounds is just too much of a hassle.
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