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Discussion in 'DIY Projects' started by Madderdaddy, May 26, 2010.

  1. Madderdaddy

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    i just refinished two mossberg m44 U.S. rifles and am looking for another project. any suggestions on cheap rifles out there that would be a fin project other than a Mosin
  2. c3shooter

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    Well, there are no older Mossbergs left in the US. Nope, all gone. All of 'em.

    OK- I will admit I DO collect Mossy's :)

    Just for grins, check thru the on-line auctions, under Higgins. There are a lot of guns made for Sears that sell for pennies instead of dollars. Originally made by Savage, Marlin, Winchester, Mossberg.

    After working thru those, check Revelation (Western Auto brand) and Western Field (Montgomery Ward brand)

  3. jeepcreep927

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    Looking to build or refinish? I just picked up three Mauser 98 actions on Gunbroker for $175 each. I know, I know... They are not the best to build on, not economically sound etc. Price was right and I have more time than money. There are several left but I think they are all magnum bolt face. Just a thought.
  4. drumminor2nd

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    Depends what your skill is, what kinds of work you are comfortable with and what your interests are.

    I'm working on my third gun project since I bought my first gun a few months ago. Personally, I go for something older, cheaper and takes readily-available ammunition.

    Worst comes to worst, you can just go down to the local gun shop, plop down $100 and grab the cheapest repeating shotgun or .22 or .222 they have and see how accurate you can get it, or how "tacticool" you can get it.

    One project I have is I'm working on a Mossberg 185D shotgun with a cracked stock and I'm putting a new peep sight on it and rebluing all of the metal. Another is a Springfield Arms-stamped Stevens single-shot 12-gauge.

    Then again, there's always the Ruger 10/22, which has so many aftermarket options (including whole receivers) it'll make your head spin.