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    I am looking to buy a .270, for hunting, sporter barrel, new or used either way, I just dont know what brand or model I should go with. I have a remington 700 sendero, like it alot no complaints. I have a ruger m77 mkII, same as the sendero. Neither one is good gun to pack around in the mountains or walking around during deer season. The local gun shop has a clean looking older SS ruger with the skeletonized stock, a rem 700, and not real sure what else they have as those are the only two that I have paid attention to. I am not against wood stocks, I think they look great till they get scratched. I would prefer synthetic stock, but am open to wood. It has many years since I have shot a savage, but I hear they are quite good now.

    I have hunted with the rem. , and ruger that I mentioned above for the past 3-4yrs. The rem is a 300, and the ruger is a 308, both are very accurate, and accuracy is not something I want to sacrifice, although I know that I will lose some with a sporter barrel. Any suggestions on what you shoot, size groups, brand model and weight of bullet that you use is appreciated. I do not reload so factory ammo only, and sporter barrels only please. Thanks
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    What is interesting is that you already have a push feed (Remington) and I think your Ruger is control feed if the extractor runs along the bolt like a standard M77 Ruger. All meaning which system do like better? Your Mark II I am not familiar, nor am I familiar with the Savage but I have read some good stuff about them. I like the 140 grain loading in my pre-64 Winchester model 70 in 270 as it is in my view an excellent compromise between the 130 and the 150 factory loadings. I handload and I don't know if factory 140 grain are available but my guess is they are. I have had good luck with both the Ruger M77 and the Remington 700 with one exception. I bought a new Sondero in 25-06 a few years back and it would not shoot at all. I bought one of those wazoo bore scopes for $700+ dollars and I was amassed to find that some of the rifling was actually missing. I was unable to send it back to Remington because I had re-chambered it to 257 STW. I re barreled it with a Hart barrel and now it shoots just fine. I hope that helped and didn't confuse you.

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    What's your price range and caliber preference? You might want to look at Kimber 84M and 8400 Montanas, as well as the 8400 Alaska.
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    First I suggest forgetting a long action caliber like the 270 Winchester and start thinking of maybe a 270 WSM , 7mm-08 , 308 , 7mm WSM , 300 WSM or even the 260 Remington if you want to trim as much weight as possible .

    I think perhaps the Savage 11FCNS or Remington Model Seven is just what you're looking for if you go with one of those calibers in those two models as they can be had as light as 6 1/2 LB's

    You can stick with the longer action 270 but you wont trim as much weight as you really want to .

    Is it really worth buying a new gun , scope etc. just to lose 1-1 1/2 pounds staying with the long action ?
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    The sendero, and the ruger are both heavy barrels, so I am shedding approx. 4-6 lbs. Thanks for the advice on the Short mags.
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    +1 on BigO01's post. My vote goes to one of the 308-based chamberings, and the exterior ballistics on the 260 Rem are especially appealing.

    You won't necessarily lose accuracy with a sporter weight barrel if you go short. My Rem 600, precursor to the Model 7, has an 18 inch barrel in 308 Win that is accurate as most 24 inch 308 varmint guns. The reason is that short barrels are stiffer than long barrels with a similar contour.
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    They are correct that a short action rifle will be a little bit shorter,lighter,and more handy-especially with about a 20" barrel. The short family of cartridges are the only 1s that can take full advantage of a shorter barrel and produce full powder burn in it.
    Of the short action cartridges,I would suggest a 7mm08 or a .260, considering you already have a .308. Both are comparable to the .270 in range,trajectory,and power. They also enjoy bullets with better ballistic coefficent and usually better accuracy.
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    not completly sure but word i have heard remington is a pos now they were bought out and went to plastic and cheap parts...ruger is top and savage is excellent but i dont think in .270 i would go 7mm-08 or short mag in something of a diff cal.
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    If your not stuck on a bolt action remington makes a real nice semi auto in various cals.