Looking For Muzzle Break for Wasr 10

Discussion in 'AK & SKS Discussion' started by herp_man2003, May 8, 2008.

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    Im looking for a muzzle brake for my wasr 10 anyone know of a good one im looking for the ak 74 style of one im not sure but i dont think that my muzzle is threaded i have to get that nut that they welded on there off. any help would be great thanks Anthony
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    Ive been looking for one too, and i was told one called J-tech i think was a very good one. I might have misspelled it, sorry
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    They welded my wasr 10 too. I want to put a muzzle brake on it. So I got a saw for cutting metal and cut the weld in half. I got the thread cover off now I just need a muzzle brake. But yes they are threaded. also the threads are the counter clockwise thread. You have to turn it to the left to loosen
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    I agree with what MrG said. If your WASR has a muzzle nut spot welded on then it is covering threads. During the ban years muzzle threads had to be permanently covered and the spot weld was good enough. If there were no threads then there'd be no reason to weld on a thread cover. I'd be shocked if it does not have threads, never heard of a WASR that didn't.

    Got my WASR over 4 years ago and it came with the welded nut. I cut it off and bought the Tapco slant brake and Tapco cage flash hider. I like the flash hider better. If you still want the 74-style aftermarket flash hider I don't know much about them but remember the originals have a different thread size and direction than the 47 and are for .223 cal bullets. I believe they make knockoffs with the proper threads and bullet opening but be sure. Whatever, BE SURE it is designed for a 30 cal bullet not the 74's 22 cal!!!!

    To be compliant with 922r parts count (Fed law) you should buy a muzzle attachment made in the US, not imported unless you're sure the extra foreign part won't throw you into non-compliance. By cutting the weld my WASR was non-compliant until I put on the US made Tapco part.

    ETA: more info...

    I've heard some nuts are hard to get off after cutting the weld. I soaked mine overnight with penetrating oil before I cut the weld and it came off pretty easy. Just remember it unscrews the opposite way we're used to. If the muzzle attachment you choose is loose, you can file a little on the back of it so it fits snug then clicks into place. It's pretty normal for slant brakes to rattle around but I didn't like it.
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    There's a button on the front of the front-sight that keeps the muzzle brake from turning, dont forget to push it in when you're loosening the muzzle attachment. I didnt realize it was there and broke the barrel nut in half (along with a weakened spot weld) when I tried to turn it with pliars when I went to replace mine with a slant muzzle brake. Beginner's mistake :rolleyes: Thankfully no harm done to the rifle.

    There is a newer muzzle brake from Primary Weapon Systems.com its called the FSC47. Supposedly its better than the J-Tac-47, but I dont personally know for myself.
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    What ya'll are looking for is anAFTERMARKET AK 74 STYLE muzzle devise. Midway has 'em, so does most mil-surp spots that we get our mags, ammo and such.

    The description for that item will state that it can be used for BOTH 47 & 74 as long as the threads match up.