Looking For Large Showrooms With Many AKs In Stock & Best Shows Anywhere

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    I am an OTR driver that travels all over the lower 48. I want to get an AK47 but I want to be able to look at them first hand in a store or gun show and purchase on site and have them ship to my local FFL. First what are some gun stores that usually have large selections of AKs located anywhere and second what states have the best gun shows? I am trying to find out also if Arsenal in Las Vegas has a showroon but no response so far. Looking for Arsenal, Saiga, Lancaster, etc Not interested in Century and the like but would look at them. Suggestions?
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    Check K-Var, also in Vegas, alleged to be Arsenal's biggest dealer / re-manufacturer.
    Website is k-bar.com.

    Atlantic has lots of AK-style arms, but I'm not sure if they have a showroom.

    In the Chicago area (Kane County), GAT Guns is a big place & usually has a dozen or so new& used AK-style weapons. They're located about a mile North of I90 (to Rockford from Chicago) on RT25 . They now have a large lot you can "probably" park an 18 while you shop and still turn around to get out. Check their site and call them to confirm parking ...
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