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looking for gunsmith training

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I live in the Dayton Ohio area and I am looking for a school that offers gunsmith training. If anyone knows of a place I can go please let me know. Thank you!
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I believe the nearest gunsmith school is in Pennsylvania. If you are looking for a gunsmith looking for an apprentice, you are on the right track. Good luck, I know of none.
I went to Trinidad State Jr. College in Trinidad Colorado. Class of 19995. Not because I went there, but Brownells has something to do with TSJC, and you can't go wrong when it comes to Brownells. Also there are schools in Arizona(yavapai?), California, Susanville. I don't know the name but I hope this is a start. At TSJC, you can go down to the Whittington Center, every weekend, and shoot. It's in Raton, New Mexico. Great country. I hope this helps.
There's one in Oklahoma, one in NC but you can do it online through Penn Foster or Ash worth college. That's what I'm doing personally.
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