Looking for first Glock, possibly 34

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by TerminalE3, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. TerminalE3

    TerminalE3 New Member

    Long time 1911, and Sig 226 lover. Looking to get my first Glock. Possibly the 34 because of the longer sight radius, extended slide catch, and trigger. Compared to the 17 and 19 what are you Glock lovers opinions?
  2. mopowerbmx

    mopowerbmx New Member

    My first was the G22 then I got the G21. I loved the 21 but traded it on an AR. Wish I saved my money and just built my first AR. But honestly if I were to do it all over again I would have bought the 23 and a conversion barrel to 9mm.

  3. Dakota1

    Dakota1 Well-Known Member

    I have a 34. It's a nice range gun but I wouldn't use it for defensive purposes. The trigger is too light & the extra barrel length is not an advantage.
  4. jfinch2377

    jfinch2377 New Member

    What is your intended use? I have a G19 and G26. I find the G19 too big for concealed carry, but the G26 a near perfect fit. The G19 now fills the role of a bedside gun. If I had to keep just one, it'd be the G26 since you can always use higher capacity G19 or G17 mags in it.
  5. 208GunGeek

    208GunGeek New Member

    I got a Glock 34 last week. Had Glock Night Sights on it already. It ate 150 rounds on its first trip to the range with no problems.

    If you're a 1911/Sig guy, Glocks are quite a different feel. I have a 226 and a 229 and it takes me a few shots to get reaquainted with the Glocks (or vice versa)Different grip angle and the trigger is much different. Those two things are deal breakers for a lot of people that have (or had) Glocks.

    I like to be a well rounded shooter so I've forced myself to learn to shoot Glocks well. To me, they still aren't as nice to shoot as a Sig or a 1911. You'll feel the difference right away but just practice with it. Glocks are great guns!
  6. Dearhunter

    Dearhunter Supporting Member Supporter

    One of my Glocks is a 34, but I use it strictly for IDPA competition.
    operates flawless, accurate, and dependable weapon.
  7. Mercator

    Mercator Well-Known Member

    The difference between the 17 and the 34 is not as much the sight radius as the trigger pull. The stated pull for the 34 is 3.5 pounds, for the 17 it is about 5 pounds.
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  8. amstutz

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    The 34 is a very nice target pistol. Not one to carry. If you plan on any competetion you will like and do well with the 34. I carry the 26 but go to the 34 for fun and competetion. So, bottom line is, what is your purpose. I also love my 22. Depends completely on what use I put them to.
  9. davva360

    davva360 New Member

    As others said it really depends what you want to use it for.

    The only Glock I have is the 23 although I have shot many others. I think the 19 and 23 are very versatile in terms of size. I live in Florida so typically wear shorts and a t-shirt but carry the 23 every day.

    I consider it a good all round gun because it's small enough to carry but is big enough to be fun to shoot even though it is a 40 cal. Same can be said of the 19 as it's the same size in 9mm.

    A lot of people though will tell you to buy a 23 and a conversion barrel and a couple of 9mm mags. Then it's 2 guns in one. Nothing wrong with that plan.

    Personally I will probably end up with a Glock 19 as I have a lot of 9mm ammo and only one 9mm pistol. I think I would rather just buy a 19 versus going the conversion barrel route.

    If it's just a range gun and for home defense I would go with the 17. Bigger gun in 9mm.

    Did I mention it really depends what you want to use it for? Lol.
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  10. bigguns21

    bigguns21 New Member

    I had a glock 34 and imho I think they are really overrated yeah it has a few extras and a longer slide/barrel but I shot my g17 just as good if not better and round here it's 100 dollars less then the 34