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keep them

I think Ken Hurst work has increased in cost, a lot, since the 1980's. I am sure you have seen from his web site that A promising engraver I found on the FEGA web sight is Jim Wark. If you check out his web site, ,you can see a picture of a 9422M he did for me this year 2008.

Jim used a Forever postage stamp as a sample to engrave the liberty bell on the other side. vintage 1852

I am planning a 9422M Trapper Jim will engrave a picture of the the first US oil well. vintage 1859.

I had work done by two engravers in the mid 80's. Ken Hurst and a female named C.L. Barlow who is probably in her mid 40's now. I'm trying to locate them. I found Hurst's web site but the email link in bad. If anyone has info please send to [email protected]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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