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    I live in Pennsylvania & don't know your area at all. I have an old family Bayard pocket pistol and I understand that an Oklahoma gunsmith named William "Bill" Pitts is very knowledgeable about these pistols. That information is from some time ago, I'm guessing at least ten years. And I don't even know what part of Oklahoma he was in.

    But if anyone knows Mr. Pitts and can put me in touch with him, I will appreciate it. This is just an inexpensive little pistol but it does have a bit of family history behind it. I'd really like to have someone look it over for me to see if it's shootable or needs work, and if I can find Mr. Pitts I'll ask him if I can ship it to him.

    Thanks for reading this.

    - - Rob Ashbaugh
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    My crystal ball just got back from the shop(needed an oil change). It tells me you are somewhere around Pittsburgh. Go a few miles North to Butler PA. Lookup Grant- he runs Sportsman's Supply. Ask him for advice or a recommendation for a smith. Tell him C3Shooter sends his best regards.

    His shop- 245 Freeport Rd, Butler, PA 16002
    (724) 287-4294
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