looking for an easy, dependable handgun..

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    so i've been thinking of getting something along the lines of a pt92 taurus but as i was browsing BUDSGUNSHOP site, i saw this gun: CHIAPPA 1911 22LR 5" OD/BLK 10 $243.00 SHIPS FREE and im thinking a 22 might be the way to go for now just so that the wife can get used to a gun around the house.. anyone have any experience with this chiappa 1911 22lr gun? and what do you think about the taurus pt92? Now, dont go out and start a beretta vs taurus war please, i want to know about the pt92, if you have no experience with it, please dont flame it. i happen to like the look/cost of the gun. i dont want to spend over $400 if possible on a handgun especially because i'll go through a couple hundred worth of ammo breaking it in and stuff.

    Or, are there any other 1911 style guns that are dependable / cheap? im not locked into a pt92, just really like that style

    edit: ah yes, i dont want anyhting stronger than a 9mm to start off with, just to get the hang of it, i have a small 22lr ruger rifle that we take out for fun but i dont do any pro/serious shooting so like a 45 might be too powerful for me for now, i want to start at a 9mm and worse case scenario i can get stronger guns later and give my wife the 9mm..

    also, i like the older 1911, pt92 style look more than the newer "block, err i mean glock" look, there's a taurus 1911 gun as well, not sure of the model # that looks nice and has decent rounds (15) *shrug*

    im open to new suggestions?
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    i dont know about the preticular model of taurus but i have a millenium pro. 9mm great gun under 400 lite, accurate, small, available extended mag for larger paws, good gun, my bro has a 24/7 little bigger but nice as well, hope it helps.

  3. sweeper22

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    I don't know much about the Chiappas, but I've heard very good things about the GSG 1911 22lr pistols. They cost a bit more than the Chiappas, but can be had for well under $400.

    If you want a sturdy 9mm that lends itself well to 1911 styling, and for about $400...shop around for a CZ 75 or a Browning Hi-Power clone. The BHP clones (FEG, FM Argentine, Arcus) can often be found for $300-400. The CZs are typically $450-600 new, but can be found used for $375 or so every now and then. I lucked out and landed a new CZ 75b for $409 and an excellent used BHP (not a clone) for $500. So there are deals out there, but you'll have to be patient for those two models.

    The Taurus PT92 has a generally solid reputation. They're pretty bulky, which could be an issue for the wife. But if you've looked it over and it fits, it's probably worthy of consideration.
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    Stop by the "Introductions" area and say "Hi".
    There you can tell us a little about yourself and others will post things that may help you with our forum.

    Now for the handgun. Look at a .357 Magnum revolver. You can shoot .38 Special or .357 Magnum.
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    I have a Taurus PT 92 and I actually prefer it to the Beretta 92 it copied - mainly for the frame mounted safety. While I'm not a real Taurus fan as I detest their polymer guns, the PT 92 and their 1911s are solid guns if you get them at the right price. The 92 is a large gun and is not the most concealable but they are certainly a fun range gun as this is what I use mine for. For the $300 or so I have in mine, I'm happy with it. Ditto for my PT 1911 - I paid $420 for it and at that price it's a solid value and good shooter...


  6. 007BondJamesBond007

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    I go with the PT92. This pistol is a licensed reproduction of the Beretta 92 made at the former Beretta factory in São Paulo, Brazil. The PT92 is the standard sidearm of the Brazilian Army, Military Police and Força Nacional de Segurança Pública (in military service, it is known as the M975 pistol). If you can't afford a 92FS that is the next best thing. I have a Beretta 92FS and totally love that gun. I put over 2,000 rounds through and NEVER had a FTF or jam. The PT92 should be just as reliable as it is the side arm of the Brazilian Army.
  7. JonM

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    the pt92 and pt99 are very good guns. they are heads and shoulders above the berretta 92. its unfortunate they are in 9mm but hey cant have everything.

    ive handled a few chiappas they have a realllly cheap feel to them and are only cosmetically similar to a 1911. the gsg 1911-22 (got one on back order atm) have a very solid feel and duplicate the function and controls aof a real 1911. so much so some parts are interchangeable and the gun can be upgraded with around 50% of the parts in a real 1911.

    i would say skip the chiappa. if you want a 1911 in 9mm check out the colt's they produce em and are the best 9mm 1911 out there. but i would highly recomend renting one in 45acp at a range first. i find the recoil and muzzle flip of the 1911 in 45acp to be far easier to control than handguns chambered in 9mm.
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    My experience with Taurus is 50-50. 2 OK and 2 not OK. 2 months ago I sent my 19 year old PT22 back to Taurus for repair or replacement. Still do not have it back. I had a PT92 and it was a lemon. I dumped it rather than send it back. Their warranty service dept stinks even if it is a lifetime warranty. I count the PT22 as OK. The revolver I had was OK. The rifle I had was junk. OK does not mean great.
  9. Olympus

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    The Stoeger Cougar seems to be getting a lot of great reviews lately and it's budget-minded.
  10. Jay

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    If you have prior shooting experience get what you like. If you're a relatively new shooter, get the GSG 1911, as mentioned. It's head and shoulders quality above the Chiappa, or the Puma. It's the same size/weight as a Colt 1911, and 85% of the parts will interchange with a 1911. Mine shoots very well. If you''re a new shooter do yourself a favor and put off heavier caliber guns until your technique and proficiency lead you down that path. Too much gun, too soon, will not be in your best interest.