Looking for advice on a 10MM

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  1. TheEvilAngel8

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    In terms of hand guns, I have fired .45, 9mm, .22, .38, .357, and whatever the nagant revolver fires.
    I love my .45, but I got to play with an M9 in boot camp a little and fell in love with it. Not a big fan of the 9mm cartridge (I can not back it up, I have no logical reason to hate it, I just do), and I was hoping to find a Beretta in 10mm, sadly with no luck. I would love an M9 style pistol chambered in 10mm, but I have no idea where to even start looking. If no such thing exists, could anyone offer me an alternative?
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  2. Gatoragn

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    A Glock 20 or a 40 would be the least cost for a reliable semiauto. I have a G20.

    Sig has recently started offering a P220 in 10mm.

    Ruger offers both single and double action 10mm revolvers.

    S&W has 10MM revolvers also in current production.

    You might stumble across a S&W 1006, but none have been produced in the last 25 years or so.

    There may be others, but these will get you started down the rabbit hole.
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  3. AgedWarrior

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    RIA has a couple offerings in the 1911 platform that perform well and are reasonably priced.
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  4. Pasquanel

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    I have a Kimber 1911 in 10mm.
  5. Gatoragn

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    Colt Delta Elite...
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  6. Wambli

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    The closest to what you are looking for is a double stack EAA Witness 10mm. They are excellent guns but be aware, if you buy one immediately get a better/stronger recoil spring AND when you load that steel framed pistol with a full mag you’ll need a shopping cart to carry it around.
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  7. schnuffleupagus

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    Kris makes a 10mm
    CMMG makes a 10mm that takes Glock Mags.

    There are some used Smith 4510s out there.

    By the way, I am a recovering caliber elitist.

    I was slow to buy a 5.56. I was a 7.62x51 elitist. Fosaking all others (well, forsaking all smaller calibers)
    Then I put aside my prejudice and block-headedness. I am a proud owner of several ARs in 5.56. They are fun to shoot, less expensive to buy or reload.

    The price differences between 9mm and 10mm are even more pronounced.
    Might be wise to work through the hate.

    I understand liking a platform, but the Beretta 92 is at its design limits as a 9mm it would never be manufactured to shoot a 10mm.
  8. Chuck Roberts

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    I’m not one to discourage anyone from having fun and experimenting on a new caliber!

    But I’ll give you my 2 unsolicited cents worth if ya don’t mind.
    I jumped on the 10mm bandwagon back in the late 80’s when it was a flash in the pan and it began to fade after the 40 came along. I hung on to it , using it to hunt with and loved the cartridge; back then I had a bad case of “ magnumitis”:)

    Soon, ammo dried up, and the only company that made ammo that was close to “ real “ 10mm was Winchester with their Silvertip line. Between them and Double Tap ammo, they were the only sources of real 10mm ammo available. If you are a 10mm fan, Double Tap deserves your business for keeping it alive until it’s later resurrection.

    I fell off the 10mm bandwagon about 10 years ago after realizing I could do anything I needed doing with a properly loaded 45 Auto......not just as far.

    And do it with less cost and easier availability.
    A 45 Auto can easily be converted to a 45 Super, which is even better ( IMO) than the 10mm.
    I have also found that a 180 grain controlled expansion bullet like Nosler or Hornady XTP in 40S&W over a goodly amount of 800x can do real good work on whitetail deer within 25 yards.

    Go on and get that 10 if you really want one. It’s an outstanding autoloaders round, and trying new stuff is educational and fun!
  9. rock185

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    Just as Schnuffle indicated, the 92 platform is at it's design limits/just not big enough to chamber the 10MM cartridge.

    I've been a 10MM fan since the Bren Ten was the only 10MM pistol, and Norma the only manufacturer of 10MM ammunition. Starting with the Bren Ten, I've had I don't know how many pistols and revolvers chambered in 10MM. I've come to favor the, now discontinued, S&W 10XX series of 10MMs. But I have to admit that likely the least expensive way to get into using the 10MM cartridge would be the robust and reliable Glocks.
    1026 (800x600).jpg
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  10. Mercator

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    A Glock will be among the easiest to shoot in any caliber, and reliable to boot. And the G20 will be easy to trade in, just in case.
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  11. Pasquanel

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    What exactly in your opinion makes a Glock easier to shoot?
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