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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by michiana, Aug 13, 2009.

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    I have a complete lower I want to top off with a varmit upper but really have not seen any except at the SHOT show in Jan. I want to keep the gun 100% RRA so would like some feedback as to any specific style and also barrel lenght, etc. There is a long wait on these so I want to get it right the first time. Also what about a reasonable scope? I have purchased some from CDNN but will probably like something a little better without breaking the back.
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    Welcome to the forum - you may want to check out the RRA website since they have many uppers available. I have the NMA4 (20" stainless 1:8 bull barrel) and love it.
    Rock River Arms:

  3. michiana

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    I am on the RRA web site weekly

    What I am asking is let’s say I want this gun for chuck hunting, would one style be better than another. They have the Varmint EOP, the Varmint A4, the Coyote and the Predator Pursuit uppers. Barrel lenghts run from 16” to 24”, and I assume the longest would give the best accuracy. Are the various option window dressing or should I look into any in particular?
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    Michiana - Sorry I missed this thread.

    What ammo are you going to be shooting? Off the shelf? Handloads? Military surplus?

    That will help determine barrel length and twist rate.

    What is your idea of accuracy you would like to achieve?? Groundhogs are pretty small, so minute of angle would be the lowest set up I would be looking for.

    That 4 inches at 400 yards, which is a really good shot on a groundhog to be honest.

    At that type of accuracy, I would suggest a 20" bull barrel, maybe even the 24", but then you really have to tailor your ammo for a barrel that long and it is going to be some more work.

    Obviously a free floated forend is a must, as are good optics. I wouldn't really worry about any BUIS if this upper is being built specifically for groundhogs....

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    JD has pretty much hit it right on the head...what will you be shooting out of it? Handloads, factory plinking ammo, match ammo, etc, - also, what grain?
    How heavy or light do you want to keep this?

    Those factors will have more impact on what you are trying to do, versus what options are hanging off of it, etc.

    Barrel length wise, you probably don't want to go shorter than 20", and keep your twist to 1:8. That will allow you to go to the heavier rounds, say up to 77gr. and down to 50gr. with little or no problems. Any heavier and you'll be looking at something in the 1:7 twist range, lighter you'll be looking at dropping down to the 1:9 or slower. Then you might have a problem keeping it all RRA.

    They have the Varmint EOP, the Varmint A4, the Coyote and the Predator Pursuit uppers. - pretty much sums up the options you'll have with RRA. Again, it pretty much comes down to finding one that will meet what you want it to be able to do performance wise and ergonomic wise. If you are going to be moving around while you are out "varminting", then consider the extra weight that the bull barrel in 20 - 24" is going to add to your set-up. What about a bipod? Again, added weight. And any optics you add - again weight. This sucker gets heavier by the second, doesn't it? And we haven't even added magazines full of ammo yet.

    One of my "varmint" pieces is set up just that way...a 20" bull barrel, 1:8 twist, free float carbon graphite tube, 2 stage match trigger, with Harris bipod, and 4-16x optics, and a Magpul PRS stock (althought that might be coming back off in favor of an A2 stock - for weight savings). It will pick ticks off a coyote's sphincter at 1-600 yards all day, assuming you do your job with trigger control, breathing control, correct ammo, windage and elevation, etc. But...it's also a workout if you have to lug it around the country side, as it weighs close to 18 pounds fully loaded.:( Not that 18 pounds is un-doable or bearable. It just gets old REAL fast. But if you are going to be stationary, then it's not a problem.

    I also one set up with a 24" bull barrel, again with all the bells and whistles on it to be able to reach out and touch something - a long way out, and do it consistently, or at least until the barrel is too hot to touch or I run out of ammo. The 24" set-up I have is even more fun lugging around. I've often thought about converting one of the old golf bag carts in the garage just for that purpose :D

    Again, it all comes down to what your requirements are. Another option if you can break free of the "keeping it all RRA" is going to .204. Lighter set-up, just as flat (maybe flatter trajectory than some .223 ammo). But might have to wait for RRA to jump on that band wagon.

    As for waiting for an upper...not necessarily the case. Check out this link...


    If it's shown on the site, it is IN STOCK. And if it's not there, wait a little bit, because they have been getting stock in regularly. I've done biz with them for that last couple years with fantastic results and service, usually getting my order in 3-5 days, and would highly recommend them.

  6. michiana

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    Thanks for the info

    I will match the ammo to the gun once I get it. Most of my .223 stuff is 55gr federal or 45gr rem for target shooting. I have a brand new RRA Mid-Length A4 I will be selling once my Elite Comp shows up; its been almost six months wait. I have a nice complete lower, 2 stage trigger I want to build on for my varmint rifle. The upper at PK firearms is retail priced and I get spoiled buying at dealer pricing so think I will wait unless someone want to unload one at a good price.

    I will probably be stationary and set up to shoot the field from a rest so weight is not an issue. Sounds like you guys have a lot of experience to share; thanks again.

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    I would go with the EOP upper if you are just wanting to use it with optics,with a standard flattop you will have to buy an elevated scope mount. But if you plan on having a multi-purpose weapon just get a standard flattop and then you can put flip up sights along with a detachable scope mount.
    My varmit AR has an EOP upper with a 20" bull barrel,my general purpose AR has a standard flattop and a heavy 16" barrel. Both have 1-8 twist

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