Looking for a rifle. Help?

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    Hello all.
    I've had some experience with the AK-47 platform but there's just too much recoil.
    I can't come back after that first shot as fast as I would like and after a dozen or so rounds the firearm gets too heavy.
    I'd really love to hear some ideas on a lighter semi-auto with less recoil.
    I've heard good things about AK-74's and how they may be my best bet, but I just thought I'd throw to you all.

    ((by the way, before you all start thinking I'm a thirteen year old boy, I'm a 20 year old female with not much shooting experience. Haha))

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    I moved your thread to the general rifle forum. You'll get better results there. I'm not an AK guy, so I can't help with your inquiry. I put it in general rifle rather than AK because you may end up more interested in another type of rifle.

    If you'll go to the "Introductions" forum and introduce yourself to the folks. you'll get a proper welcome. In the meantime, welcome to the FTF community.
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