Looking for a rifle for my dad for Christmas

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by BigSe63xy, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. BigSe63xy

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    So I'm looking for a deer rifle to buy for my dad for Christmas. He wants it to be chambered in .270 or .30-06. I'm going to try to find a good used one on gunbroker. The budget is between $300-$500. I don't know a whole lot about hunting rifles, I'm more into military rifles, so what would you guys suggest?
  2. Dillinger

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    The first thing to understand is that a "hunting rifle" doesn't need the same specs as a military grade, "S" word rifle.

    2 MOA in a hunting rifle (I.E. - a 2" group at 100 rounds with a 3 round group fired from rest ) is more than acceptable. 1.5 MOA or 1 MOA would be far better, but fact of the matter is, putting a deer down is a LOT easier than winning a shooting competition on paper.

    Keys to a good hunting rifle:
    • Should be lightweight. No one wants to carry 16 pounds for hours on end.
    • Synthetic stock. Hunting is done in the rain. Wood stocks, even if they have been treated, can retain water and make them heavy along with throwing them out of alignment. Synthetic is the way to go for your dad.
    • Stainless is a great option because it won't be affected by basic rain in the most of continent. You can dumb it down with matter paint or burlap covering, but you don't need to worry about it being "ruined" by a change in the weather. :cool:
    As for caliber:

    .30-06 is God's Own Caliber. This round is capable of being loaded up for elk and down for coyotes, along with a a HUGE spectrum inbetween that will allow your dad to drop ANYTHING in the Northern Hemisphere. The .30-06 is the Ultimate Round if you have only ONE rifle in the safe.

    It's an awesome, AWESOME round.

    Good luck with your search brother.


  3. freefall

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    Any new rifle you buy is more than likely going to do the job. Nobody is making bad guns these days, they just can't get away with it. I like the Rugers myself. +1 on 30-06.
  4. JTJ

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    There are a number of good new rifles in your price range. Weatherby Vanguards list under $450. Usually you can find under MSRP prices at the dealers.
  5. jpattersonnh

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    How old is your Dad? Becoming recoil sensitive seems to come w/ age.
    The design of the rifle has allot to do w/ felt recoil. I would suggest a limbsaver recoil pad.
    Here is a great place to start.
    Howa Rifles
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    Savage Arms > Firearms > Browse Models
    I've noticed that even the price of used guns has seriously jumped in the last few months. One issue w/ buying a used gun online is how was it treated before? Was a steel cleaning rod used? Was it really taken care of correctly?
    These guys are honest and this is a good price.
    Wnchester 70 .30-06 Sprg. Used Gun Inv 117246 - Guns - Used Guns, New Guns, Used Shotguns, Used Rifles. Dury's Gun Shop - San Antonio Texas
  6. dteed4094

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    Savage Edge or Axis now, are selling for $299 at Gander Mtn. right now. Stevens 200 is pretty much the same gun. They are accurate, have a composite stocks and weigh about 6.7 Lbs. Pick up a name brand scope mounts and rings and a box of 150 PSP ammo for under or close to $500 and have fun hunting for years to come.
  7. fireguy

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    If you are looking on gunbroker, you should check out what it being offered in your state on armslist.com. Here in KS it has new stuff added all the time.
  8. TLuker

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    I'm guesing that he already has a rifle, or two, or five? If that is the case, then get him something that has character like a Ruger international, a lever action savage, a 7600 Remington (pump action rifle), or even a sporterized military rifle like a No.4 Mark1 or a Mauser. The best gifts are often things we wouldn't normally buy for ourself for whatever reason such as it's not really practical. Most of us wouldn't go out and buy a Ruger International, but it sure would be fun to find one under the tree on Christmas morning!

    If he doesn't have any other rifles, or doesn't have a good one, then pick up a good bolt action in any traditional brand. All of the gun makers that have been around for awhile have been around for a reason. All make pretty good guns.
  9. WhipLash

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    Wow...I got sucked into that Armslist.com website looking at guns for sale from every state in the country. Even saw a Thompson Tommy gun. Holy smokes.

    Thanks for the link.
  10. huffmanite

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    Own a Marlin XL7, Stevens 200 and Savage Edge/Axis. All are "low priced" rifles that shoot quite well. Of the three, I recommend the Marlin XL7. Has a better plastic stock than other two and its trigger is much better too. Stevens and Savage factory trigger on heavy side and not adjustable, while Marlin's is adjustable. When shooting from bench at 100 yd targets, it been my experience, my Marlin 25-06 has been consistently more accurate than my Stevens 7mm-08 and the Savage Edge .223 even after reducing their heavy factory trigger pulls to an acceptable level.