looking for a reloading press

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by sltxdm11, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. sltxdm11

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    Hello I'm new on here and I'm looking for a used reloading press
  2. Txhillbilly

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    Check on Ebay,You can find all types listed on there.

  3. saitek

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    used press

    yes you can go to e-bay or craigslist buy keep in mind how much you want to pay for what you want to get .some time's you can pay more for a used press buy the time you get shipping on it .
    and what kind and brand you want ,for the first timer get a single stage press a rcbs rockchucker is a good one .don't pay more than $75.00 shipped ,if you do you could just as well get a new one.
  4. cottontop

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    Most ebay prices for a used press seem to be close to what a new one costs. I think new is the way to go. However, I you find a used one at a good price, go for it. They almost never wear out.
  5. almostgem

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    I've found better deals on Craig's list. Shipping is a non-issue cause it's always face to face.
    If you're in an area where a lot of people shoot, they come up for sale often.
    There are apps for Android, and I'm sure for Apple too for searching and notifying when something comes up that might be of interest.
    If it's something of interest, contact the seller soon after it's posted, then before going to meet, do some research and find out what is supposed to be included.
    Also, don't be afraid to bargain with the seller. There is usually some room for negotiation in their price.
    If the seller reloads, you can also hit them up for some lessons in using the equipment.

    Also, on type of press .... this is really going to be dependent upon how much you're going to be reloading. I started with a rock chucker and still use it for some rifle cartridges that I shoot for accuracy, but had to almost immediately move to a turret press just because of the amount of rounds I reload. I could probably use a progressive, but because I use a chargemaster combo for powder, it doesn't really make sense. Also, I like priming by hand, after decapping, then completely cleaning the cases in an ultrasonic cleaner, and finally tumbling to make inspection a lot easier.

    It's a pain to setup a turret or progressive, but if you reload a lot, it's much easier to just turn the turret, rather than continually replacing dies for each batch of cartridges.

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