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    My wife and I will be coming to Florida from Illinois and will be living in Nokomis from December 7 until January 10. I plan to bring some favorite firearms with me, but don't know where I can shoot that is reasonably close. Anybody have any ideas for me? I work for the Tazewell county sheriff's dept. in IL.
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    There may be closer ranges but Google Cecil Webb shooting range. It is about 20 miles south of Nokomis just off of I-75.
    Cost is around $3.00 to entire the management area. It is an outdoor range and has 200 yard rifle area. Along with pistol and shotgun areas. It can get a little busy during the winter months but it is a nice place to shoot.

    Hope that helps if you can not find anything closer.

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    Hello Pekin I'm from Peoria . LOL darn we're proud of this fine ces pool lol ok. Just so you know many Peoria PD retires live in that area more so down near Port Charlotte, and Ft.Myers. I will be down on and off in december at my house in Port Charlotte we have a nice indoor range in PC on 41 not sure of name I just go to buy conceal items there. Also in south punta gorda is a large range "but on weekends it fills up with full auto shooters big time so it gets a little noisy"

    I may go on a hog hunt in ft myers area in a couple weeks if you're interested pm me. ok. gonna use my new ar 223 on the hog :cool: I'm gonna be calling around to a few guides see whats best rate for a hunt usually in the $300 range. Ages ago before they built up all around north port we would just goto river road early am and sit in chairs and wait for the hogs and they would show up and cops and people didn't care then. But now with the houses and stuff can't do that anymore.

    Nope i'm not police just a good citizen and have many pd friends mainly peoria pd and a couple on Peoria Sheriff dept.
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    Pekin Knight's Trail Park there at Nokomis has a nice outdoor range, used to spend many an hour there shooting.

    Lived in Venice for 29 years 1973-2002 and I will be back there some day.
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