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Looking for a new CCW gun

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Hey guys, I've got a dilemma y'all might be able to help with. The guns that matter that I currently own are a PX4 subcompact in 9mm and a Taurus 1911 in 9mm. PX4 was my first gun, and I was hoping it could be big enough for the range and small enough for CCW. It is, but it's almost too small for range and too big for carry. I'm looking for a smaller gun for CCW, and I was hoping to stay in 9mm. I love Beretta, and love my Px4...but it's just too big for EDC. I'm 6'6" 260#, so I'm not small. The gun doesn't print (I don't think) but it's not a small gun and does get annoying/uncomfortable some times.

I'm trying to keep it under about $400, but would probably be willing to stretch that a little bit if it's really worth it.

I've been looking at the Beretta Nano, KelTec PF9, Diamondback DB9, Ruger LC9, and the Kahr order of current preferences.
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There are plenty to chose from.
But the price limit reduces choices.

Although I am not suggesting a firearm, I would like to offer a suggestion.

I have a number of handguns I have purchased over the years. But I keep going back to just a couple. The rest sit in the safe.

Some I've purchased knowing that they were inexpensive, but I thought they would suit the purpose. (Most didn't)
So what do I have? A bunch of money tied up in guns that I will not be able to recoup my investment.
Had I really thought about it, I would have been better off buying the few I ended up with.
5' 11", about 190, my few are:
Dan Wesson C-BOB in 10mm
Ed Brown Kobra Carry in .45
A full sized 1911a1 built on a Fusion Firearms frame
PPK/s in .380
Kel-Tec P3AT

And for fun, two S&W revolvers, a Mdl 15-2, and a Mdl 12-2.

Do I carry them, yes. Each are carried at one time or another.
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I have a Ruger LC9. Not my favorite pistol in the world, but rock solid. It will serve its purpose if ever it needs to do so. Reasonably priced also.
I really like the XD Sub-Compact and Service (4" barrel) lines, as well as Glock's. Those are what I own and can recommend with 100% confidence. I've fired the M&P Compacts quite a bit in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45ACP and like those, as well.

Heard good things about the Kahr's and have fired a variety of Rugers and Taurus' (Taurii?) in 9mm and .40 S&W.
I'm going to ask if southern eagles mean anything to you there Vic.
Dan, of all of those guns, the only one fitting my current wants would be the P3AT....but I'd prefer the PF9. How do you like your P3AT?

John, what about the LC9 did you dislike? What did you like?

Griff, those XD's are no smaller than my current carry piece....which defeats the purpose of me getting a new one. I want something smaller than what I currently carry.

More altitude: I had to google I guess my answer is "no." Did you think I was a soaring buddy? I wish I could get into flying in a bigger way.
Victor I sent a pm but after seeing the 380 p3at you should also like at the ever so slightly larger and 1 1/2oz heavier taurus tcp 380. The best trigger for the bunch, slide hold open , fires with mag out and better sights with still not much. Prices also run from 180 to $260 depending on oxid3 steel slide to black SS and 1 or 2 mags with it. We have two of them in the family now along with a cm9 and cw9. Owned a pf9 and p11 is son-in laws cc. All work like a good handgun should.
1st that come to mind is the Ruger SR9C :)
Hardluk: I'm hoping to stay 9mm, but you're right....the TCP will be on my list if I start looking at 380. Thanks for that! Also, thanks for the PM...very helpful. Unfortunately, no ranges near me rent guns.

Hossfly: That SR9C is longer than my Px4 and not any lighter. It's defeating the purpose of getting another gun.
When I was looking at the Kel-Tec, Ruger was displayed also.
I thought the Kel-Tec was smoother in racking the slide.
I liked the trigger in dry fire over the Ruger.
It does not hold open on last round.
Mags are available, but extra Ruger mags are more plentiful.
Fobus makes a paddle for the Kel-Tec.
I'm still working on some kind of accuracy.
Yeah sorry Vic, I knew someone with your exact name years ago (a range buddy) I thought I'd give it a shot
Ruger LC9

Dan, of all of those guns, the only one fitting my current wants would be the P3AT....but I'd prefer the PF9. How do you like your P3AT?

John, what about the LC9 did you dislike? What did you like?
Well, I suppose the only real thing is the thinness of it which may make hard to hang on to - but then again isn't that a good thing for a ccw? NOTE: I did get a Packmayr handle silicone thingy that makes it easier to hang on to when it goes Bang! And it does go Bang! really loudly. But again, if it saves me - who cares!

I like the long trigger pull because in the unlikely event of its intended use, in that my probably rattled nerves won't set it off. I have a Walther PPQ that I love dearly, but if you cough, it fires - the last thing I'd need in a potential confrontation that turned into a non-starter and was only "potential". The LC9 is built like a tank, accurate, reliable, smooth and rounded, with a nice safety and good for me as a pocket ccw. Priced reasonably. :)
Check out the Bersa BP9CC in 9mm! Awesome quality company with fantastic firearms at REASONABLE PRICES! I have BERSA UC in 9mm and is my CCW! Over 1,000 through it it with FLAWLESS functioning! The BP9CC makes a great CCW and is in my list to buy as soon as possible!
MoreAltitude: No worries

John: That seems like what everybody says about the P3AT and the LC9.

MountainSkyTop: I like that BP9cc, but I'm concerned that it's still too big/heavy. I'll have to look into it, but thanks for the recommendation either way as I had forgotten about Bersa.
Hi Victor, I took these pictures for another thread but they're relevant here to. The LC9 is pretty versatile I can pocket carry

Electric blue Metal Fashion accessory Bicycle part Personal protective equipment


Wood Wood stain Hardwood Electric blue Flooring

At only 1.1 inches thick it conceals pretty easy wherever I need it to.


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I like both my LC-9 and LCP. LCP is only 380, but of all my guns for CCW, it is the one I almost always go to. It conceals so well in a back pocket holster. In jeans - or dress pants - or fancy social affairs. It just works.
I had tried a Taurus TCP 380 - was the worse I gun I ever owned - failed to feed, failed to fire , stove-piped, and ejected back into your face! And it kicked harder than the LCP that I replaced it with.
These TCP impressions were not just my own - I loaned the gun to two different people and they both had the same troubles - and refused to keep shooting it. I sold the TCP...

The LC9 - I have both inside the waistband and outside holsters - but I just haven't made friends with it to carry - due to it's larger size. I always seem to carry the LCP - or sometimes a 38 revolver - J-frame.
For me --- that is it --- LCP. I'm working on trying to adapt to the larger gun - but the LCP size is a winner for me. And I love it's revolver-like long trigger pull - no need for a safety. I do not trust safeties.
Safeties - Is it on? Did I forget? Did I knock it off holstering it? In a panic situation - will I remember to take it off? If I do take it off and am nervous (who wouldn't be?) will the short light trigger of a typical safety auto gun get me in trouble - accidentally pull it? And get someone shot??
This is not a game of "what if" for me. I need to know.
Toooo many possibilities.... I want a revolver or a long trigger pull auto with a revolver like trigger pull.
Both the LCP and the LC9 have that.

Just my experience and opinions....
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