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  1. hth3

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    Your opinions please:

    Now carrying a Glock 36 on a daily basis. In my readings I have stumbled across the Browning Hi-Power, and and the more I find out about this pistol, the more I like the idea of 13 rounds of 9mm as opposed to 6 rounds of .45.

    I would appreciate anyone familiar with the Browning to give their thoughts about how well it works as a carry pistol. Is the HI-Power a better option than the model 36?

  2. M14sRock

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    Hi Powers are top quality, world class pistols. If you can conceal one , it would be an excellent carry piece. Bigger and thicker than your G36, though. But I've never felt unarmed or under gunned carrying a 6+1 .45.
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  3. Ralphhster

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    nice day ?????????????
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  4. spittinfire

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    Why not at 1911? Thinner then your Glock, 9 rounds of 45 and all the characteristics of the high point.
  5. Dillinger

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    I love me a Browning Hi-Power. There is a reason it's called King of the Nines. Probably the best 9mm pistol, in my opinion, ever invented.

    That being said, they are pricey and they are much heavier than your Glock. 2.2lbs unloaded. Hard to beat steel on steel construction and 13+1 is hard to beat.

    The Hi Power does need a couple of aftermarket details done to them, for my taste.

    1) Magazine disconnect. Ths will allow an empty mag to drop free, allow you to fire the weapon without a mag in the chamber and also helps tune the trigger.

    2) Finish tuning the trigger for pre-travel.

    Once that is done, you have a great 9mm carry piece.

    But, as has been said, it's different from your Glock in a lot of ways.

    Cane should be a long shortly to sing the praises of his Hi Power. And perhaps Gorknoids will stop by, he has a new found admiration for the platform. :p

  6. Ralphhster

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    You sure you don't mean---maybe--- Hi Power ?
    ( don't think you are gonn'a sell him a "hi point "! )
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    I'll second the vote on the 1911. The Browning is a very good quality for sure but I still fancy the 1911. The Glock, well, a gentleman knows when you don't have anything good to say you say nothing at all so I won't comment on a Glock.
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    Whatver you choose keep in mind that if you use it you may lose it. Atleast you won't get it back in very good shape, I'm convinced of that.

    My personal choice forcarry is an xd40sc, subject to change. :)
  9. danf_fl

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    There is an Argentine 9mm showing up around here that was made under license of the Browning Hi-Power. And at a cheaper price, and supposedly parts interchange.
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  11. canebrake

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    You will love the Browning Hi Power!

    I am a rabid Colt 1911 Fan(boy) and had gone 17 years without shooting a BHP until............

    Found this sweetheart on Gunbroker for $500 and was reunited with the brilliance of John Moses Browning's P35!


    A quick search on the interwebz and you can find a quality Mec-Gar 15-Round Magazine for ~$22 or a nickel plated one for ~$25. That gives you 16 rounds of 9mm protection in the same package size as the 13rd mag and in a steel gun that is incredibly easy to stay on target. I reduced my Mozambique drill times 20% and upped my hit ratio near 35%! And that's compared to my 8+1 round 3" Defender with 47% less ammo.

    Yea, I'm a big fan of the P35 (Browning Hi Power) and it has become my winter EDC. Fits all my 1911 holsters (except the custom 3" for the defender) and shoots far past my skill level!

    I liked it so much that when a chance to purchase a nickel BHP popped up I jumped on it! It cost a tad more than the blued BHP but worth every penny.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Do yourself a favor and before you buy your next handgun, shoot a BHP in 9mm. I'll let the gun do the sales pitch!

  12. gorknoids

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    For a "Non-Gun-Guy", I grew up shooting a Colt 1911 for recreation, shot it a bunch in the Navy, worked out with the Beretta, and damned near everything from flare pistols to Ma Deuce. Nothing ever came to hand (Or to shoulder, or to both hands after checking headspace and timing) like the BHP. It's not a matter of superior machining or novel takes on switchology...... It's a Zen thing where machine adapts to man. Personally, there was no adjusting to it. It fit my hand perfectly, pointed naturally, and put holes where I wanted them to be. Imagine your dog is happy to see you and stuffs his nose into your palm while you're lying on the couch. That's how the BHP greets you. When I say that I'm a "Non-Gun-Guy", Cane will tell you that I did not know what I was picking up. I've qualified and carried in the military, hunted in my youth, but I've always viewed firearms as tools. As much as I like the one I carry every day, I never realized the artistry possible until I shot the High Power. It's exponentially more than just a firearm.
  13. FreedomFighter69

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    If you get a Browning Hi-Power that is Made in Belgium you have the cream of the crop of the 9's ! It's made with old world flair and strength ! All Steel, no alloy ! They shoot like a dream ! I would not hesitate to carry a Hi-Power !
    A 45 is a 45 however ! Nothing wrong with 6/7 rounds of 45 ammo. Unless you plan on getting into a gunfight with two or more people, the 45 will do just fine with better knockdown power. If you like the Hi-Power that much, buy it and switch off carrying if you like. It is a fine gun and I would love to own one !

    Your other alternative like others mentioned is to get a nicer 45 like a Colt Commander, Springfield, or even a Para Ordinance who just happens to make the Warthog ! A small compact 45 acp that holds 13 rounds !! Can't beat that for knockdown power and fire power.