Looking for a new AK-47.. ANY SUGGESTIONS??

Discussion in 'AK & SKS Discussion' started by Megahonky89, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Megahonky89

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    Please inform me on any brand AK-47's. how you feel about them, how they handle, do they jam, prices, better companies.. I currently own a I.O. Ak-47 and its pissing me off the way it keeps jamming, maybe its the ammo, maybe its a fault from the factory, i just dont know, I am a die hard american but, sadly to say its U.S. made and was about 500$. I still have a warranty but the more reviews i read, i hear I.O. AK's are junk but also here there the best. Please provide your input and suggestions, thanks.
  2. GunNut

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    People who know more than I tell me that the SIG 556 is the best AK ever built. They may be streching the truth but they are coming down in price enough that I went out and bought one for $999.00 from a Dealer.

    He told me he has been sitting on it since 2009, when it arrived it did not have an owner's maual and the box did not have the red dot scope it was supposed to have. He closed it up by syaing the dealer cost is now under $1,000. He bought six of them in 2009 and this was his last one. He thinks the cost went down because SIG introduced the new 516. But that is only his opinion not fact from SIG.

    For my part I downloaded the owner's manual from the SIG website and I have a box of scopes from all the firearms I have had so I used one of those. It was a Weaver 1.5x4 30mm; seems to be a good match.