Looking for a good snubby for big hands

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    Hello everyone,

    I am new to this site and let me start by saying it is the most beautiful Gun forum I have ever seen. I love the way its put together and what not. Now on to the subject at hand. I read the post by Canebrake and just want to throw that out their. Now I am looking for a first SD weapon, I love revolvers, the looks, they are just beautiful!

    I prefer double action revolvers. I never shot a handgun of any kind but know my calibers well and fully what any gun is capable of. Now, having said that I was wondering if a .38 is okay for me to start off with. I have been held up 3 times coming home from work. Its a 2 mile walk at 9-10 at night. I am tired of being walked on and scared for my life.

    The only thing I carry are 2 fold out knives. One is almost like a switchblade, but not quit. Anyways it does little good when your getting chased by a guy way bigger than you (I am 6'3 300lbs and yes many are bigger than me) chasing me down with guns. I NEED ALL OF YOUR HELP! I need a concealable weapon that will be ok for my hands (fat Italian here)...lol. Already I have seen some guns like the S&W models 442, 637, 638, Ruger LCR, and Taurus Models 856, 85, 850 CIA, and 851 on the net....any suggestions for my big hands?
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    If you can find a range that rents guns, I would try what they offer. Different grips can change how the handgun fits you hand.
    A .38 Special is a decent SD round, but also consider a .357 Magnum. The .357 will also chamber and shoot the .38. I recommend this so if you decide you want a little more "oomph" later, you won't be looking at another gun purchase.
    Take a firearms course. Other students may have a handgun you could try.
    Good luck!

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    Welcome to the forum. Swing by the introductions area and let everyone know you are here.

    I'm with dan on this one and would lean towards a 357. You start out shooting 38s and if you want to step up later you can without the need of a new purchase. I would also steer away from Taurus. IMO, you'll be taking a 50/50 chance as to whether or not you get a good weapon. Some people have great luck with them, others get lemons. You can't go wrong with a Smith or a Ruger, both make great revolvers.
    Before you make that magical purchase, see if you can find a range with some rental guns so you can try them out. Do you know anyone that shoots?
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    I recommend you plan now for a 357. It is probably the most versatile caliber for any gun chambering. That said, I like the Ruger SP101. It is not that much bigger than the J-frames or LCR, but has the heft to handle magnum loads and not break your hands and wrists. Just wait till you shoot a magnum. It's an eye opening experience and you want to make sure you have a weapon that is manageable. Here is a link to my range report on the SP101

    Also keep in mind you can change out the grips on most common revolvers out there today. That will make a big difference in how they fit your hands.
  5. c3shooter

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    The last 3 guys summed it up rather well. You can make a small revolver fit a big hand by changing grips. Cannot make a big revolver fit a little hand the same way.
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    That is a great gun. I have the one with the completely concealed hammer. Great gun. I can say nothing bad about it. That is rare for me. People here know that I will trash talk a gun if I have a reason. I also don't buy Taurus.
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    my livelyhood relies on a s&w airlight pd double action only with .38 special +p golden saber rounds. it is pretty small, but very concealable.there aer many options like this, and a .357 would not add much weight or length. the other pretty much summed it up. i carry in a leather belt holster and i forget i even have it at times, an untucked t-shirt covers it. one up on the stay away from taurus, they are hit or miss, and i want my weapon to hit every time without a glitch.
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    Let me guess...Delaware, robbed 3 times, scared for your life...Wilmington? If so, check out Targetmaster in Chadds Ford PA (202 North of Naamans Rd.) You can check out an array of guns and rent a few to shoot at their indoor range. Get a feel for different grip sizes and calibers.

    Welcome aboard...
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    How about a Ruger SP101 2" and add hogue grips. ;)