Looking for a good long range target rifle - PTR91?

Discussion in 'Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion' started by jismail, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. jismail

    jismail Member

    I saw this advertised as a legal California rifle and it looks like something that could be a great addition to my collection for range plinking and general useage.

    Anybody have any experience with this weapon?

    California Legal PTR 91 Rifle For Sale
  2. Poink88

    Poink88 New Member

    No experience but read that FAL is better. Depends on your definition of long range target rifle but on mine it is not.

  3. Gundog94

    Gundog94 New Member

    I have owned two PTR 91's and they were both reliable and accurate rifles. They are probably the best (some say they are better than the original) HK 91 clone on the market. I also have owned two FAL's and while I like the FAL design better, the PTR's were much more accurate and scoping a FAL is a major pain. Honestly, if you want a long range target rilfe I think you should get a good bolt action in .308. Remington 700's are my top pick and Savage's run a close second. Either one will shoot rings around a PTR out of the box and you don't have to worry about them being "compliant". Scoping the bolt guns is a breeze and if you reload, you won't be chasing brass half way across the range.
  4. DrGonzo11

    DrGonzo11 New Member

    If you want a "long range target rifle" I wouldn't go with the PTR or FAL, they are both incredible rifles the FAL is accurate and has great ergonomics and the PTR is rugged as all hell but neither are real standouts for long range accuracy

    If you want a good semi-auto 308 for long range I would go with an AR10/LR308 or a Springfield M1a. They are both well known for there MOA capabilities, the AR10/LR308 is best suited out of all four rifles for optics mounting, all 3 other rifles are "difficult" to scope in comparrison. Also the AR platform will hold a zero much longer and will produce far less felt recoil.