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Discussion in 'Florida Gun Forum' started by Heather, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Heather

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    We recently moved from West Virginia to Florida and now need to find the right gun range for our family. We are looking for one near Riverview, Brandon, Tampa, Area and willing to drive up to an hour and a half to two hours for the right range.

    We are looking for a gun range that has no range officers. A place where my husband can take a small group and have them shoot to give them a concealed weapons class for there permit. We would prefer it to be free or rather cheap since he will be going a lot. Also, Our son will be turning 5 soon so my husband will be taking him to the range to start teaching him how to shoot so range must allow children.

    Thanks for any help
  2. 25-5

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    Try the phone app: Where 2 Shoot.

  3. Doc3402

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    Do some checking on Tennerock. Ask a gun shop owner if it is family friendly before you go out there. Years ago I heard some militia talk, but can't prove it.
  4. katsumushi

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    Welcome to Florida.
    There are several ranges in Tampa, the one I've heard good things about is Shoot Straight and Wyoming Antelope Club in Clearwater.
    Good luck.
  5. agmoose

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    If you are willing to drive to Plant City - they have a couple good ranges, one is a smaller place, lower rates on Collins Street, the other is out by I-4 behind Buddy Freddy's. There is also another option in Brandon - Family Firearms at the corner of SR 60 and St Cloud - great folks there.

    Welcome to sunny FL.