Looking for a good fixed blade.

Discussion in 'Other Weapons' started by cpttango30, Jan 20, 2010.

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    I don't know what you think about Benchmade knives, but this one may interest you. It's a Snody Activator. I had one and liked it a lot, although I'm not a hunter anymore.
    Benchmade Snody Activator + BM201

  2. Franciscomv

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    Out of the ones you listed, my top picks would be (in no particular order):

    -Buck Vanguard, get the Alaskan Guide version that Cabela's sells. It's made out of S30V which is light years away from Buck's regular 420hc in performance. Cabela's Alaskan Guide® Series Vanguard Knife I don't usually like hollow ground knives, but hunting is the one exception. For around $100 the S30V Vanguard is a great knife.

    -Cold Steel Master Hunter. Good solid design. If you can, hunt down one of the older Carbon V Master Hunters that were made by Camillus for CS. They were awesome performers. I'm not a Cold Steel fan, but I've been using my Master Hunter for years and it just works.

    -RAT RC-4. Like I said on your other post, it's just about the perfect outdoors knife, designed and made for people who know what they are doing. Plus RAT is a good company to deal with. Excellent materials (time tested 1095 steel and micarta), good warranty and craftmanship.

    -Spyderco Moran. It might not look like much, but it's a solid performer. Spyderco knows how to heat treat VG-10, no doubt about that. I love mine and use it often (I carried it today), the flat ground blade is great. Stainless steel blade, synthetic sheath and handle mean pretty low maintenance. That's why mine gets used a lot in the horrible Argentine summer.

    CA357's suggestion is a good one, the Activator rocks. :)

    If I might add a couple of my own favourites in the $100 price range:

    -Fallkniven F1, convex ground, laminated VG-10 blade. Compact and handy as hell. I like the leather sheath, it's also available with a zytel sheath. Fallkniven F1 Swedish Military, Laminated VG10 Satin Blade, Full Cover Leather Sheath

    -Bark River Highland Special. Anything by this company is great, they had some issues with sheath quality but they seem to have fixed them. Amazing knives, convex ground like God intended. They use several different steels, A2 being my favourite. This place has great service but you might find better prices: Bark River Knives: Highland Special Knife KnivesShipFree.com
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    CA that Benchmade is in the running now too. That is a good looking knife.

    I for some reason gravitate towards drop point blades.
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    Ive had a Gerber Freeman hunter for about 6-7yrs now.
    I think it is a great hunting knife. Not too big, not to small. Handle scales and jimping on the handle and spine give a solid, slip-free
    grip even with blood soaked hands from field dressing deer.
    I find it very comfortable to choke up on the handle, and place my index finger on the spine near the blade tip while skinning.
    Blade easily splits ribs from sternum to open up the chest cavity to speed cooling in the field.
    Really holds an edge. I have skinned and quartered upwards of a dozen deer in one season, along with field dressing a few in between without needing to retouch the edge.
    I usually re-sharpen it more out of boredom than necessity.

    An excellent hunting blade IMO.-------------Gate
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    They are excellent for a wide variety of chores, probably the most versatile point type together with spear points (which one could argue, and some experts do, is just a particular type of drop point).

    Let us know what you choose!
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    Street Beat FB15
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    Tango, I found you an Activator with G10 rather than stabilized winewood if you'd rather have that. Here's a link: Benchmade Activator

    Never mind, that's the small model. :eek:
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    I own the Street Beat and love it. Its not the worlds biggest knife, but its a good piece of steel, feels good in the hand, and the sheath is able to be repositioned (with a torx screwdriver) in 5 carry positions.
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    I would suggest holding off for just a wee bit longer.....:D
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    I'm assuming you already looked at the line up at Scrap Yard Knives?

    I find their Dumpster Mutt to be a very good large game hunting knife and their 4" Scrapper is fairly good on deer and smaller. Very unlikely either will ever break on you.