Looking for a good 72 hr bag

Discussion in 'Firearm Accessories & Gear' started by sputnik1988, May 15, 2014.

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    I'm in the market for a 72 hour bag for emergency situtations and was wondering what everyone thought would be a good choice.

    Price isn't really a concern as long as its within reason, I'm not looking to spend $200 but I'm not trying to cheap out either, I want something that I can depend on.
    I'd like MOLLE straps on it and the only other thing I really need is a "gray" look, by that I mean doesn't stick out or look like it belongs to a swat team.

    I'm not sure what size I want as I don't have much experience backpacking but I know that I don't want a 5000 c.i. rucksack.:p

    I appreciate any suggestions.
  2. DrFootball

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    Check out some of the bags in Sportsmans Guide.

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    I use a military rucksack without frame as the main criteria is hold stuff hands free. If you get the old 90's forest camo pattern no one equates that with military anymore.