Looking for a front stuffer?

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    Ok they opened up a nice early and late season for front stuffers this season on Deer here in VA. SO now I just have to add a front stuffer to the safe.

    I am looking for a easy to shoot and easy to clean rifle that will wear open sights only (FOR NOW). I am looking to spend $300 or less total on everything I need.

    I have seen some $200 CVA kits in Gander. All I would need to add is primers and powder.

    Everything I am seeing is 209 primers thats cool. The CVA kits come with power belt bullets how good are these? I am looking at Switching to Hornady or barns MZ bullets. What is a better product Hornady 777 pellets or Pyrodex pellets.

    Lets hear the beef on front stuffers.
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    I'm interested in the results from this as well. I could see myself making a similar purchase later in the year.

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    Ok, I’m going to show my ignorance here.. Tango are you talking about black power season?
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    Tango, any in-line muzzleloader that uses the 209 primers will do the task. There is not much difference in the Triple7 or the Pyrodex pellets. Bullets...meh. All the ones you listed are more than capable of doing the job on deer. Most kits come with some really heavy bullets. 200 to 240 grain conicals with sabots is more than enough for hunting whitetail, even the big ones we have here in southern Ohio. The biggest deer I ever killed was with 100 grains of powder and a 220 grain Vital-Shok bullet. Poly tip, copper wrapped lead.

    Make of gun? Well, there are those that cost a bundle that are easy to clean and have all the bells and whistles. CVA makes 'good enough' muzzlelaoding rifles, but you may have to work a bit for cleaning. We are talking about one shot and one kill as usual with hunting. They are accurate enough and durable enough.

    Make sure the gun can handle at least 130 grains of powder. Make sure that the gun is a 'water proof' set up. Make sure it is .50 cal (.45 is fine, but why go .45 when you can go .50?) Most in-lines can handle 150 grains of powder and about as heavy as a bullet you want. I have some lead casts that are over 400 grains. I don't use them.

    Ok, the summary:

    CVA is good to go. At least 90 grains of powder and a heavy fancy bullet is not needed. Power Belts are great, but opt down to around 200-240 grains. PM me if you have questions. I know you are not looking to get out to 200+ yards where you ae. Otherwise, that is a different story.
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    If you want easy to clean-stay away from Pyrodex. 777 is easier to clean AND won't build up fouling like Pyrodex. Since I'm an accuracy freak I use loose powder and quick loaders. The loose powder I use is Jim Shockey Select (American Pioneer Powder). It produces 0 fouling buildup, consistent velocity, and excellent accuracy. With loose powder you can reload just as fast with quick loaders and, more importantly, tune your charge to attain maximum accuracy-just like in reloading.
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    You guys know i don't know much about BP or much of anything useful, but i do enjoy watching the clearance items at different websites: Traditions Performance Firearms


    •Barrel: 24” Alloy with PAS (Projectile Alignment System)

    •Ignition: 209 Primer & 150 gr Magnum Charge Capability

    •Finish: Nickel Barrel with Mossy Oak Break Up Synthetic Stock

    •Warranty: Limited Lifetime " & it's a .50 caliber for $150.

    Comes with a free soft case or something. KILL more jaywalkers.
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    Scubie yes I am talking about a new muzzle loader season.

    I don't know about 200 yards. One place I hunt has the ability to offer shots that far. If I am taking a 200 yard shot I want my trusty 30-06. I got a few spots that are rifle, one is only 1 week *COUGH* I may have to take a sick day or two that week.
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