Looking for a different style of ankle holster. What's the best?

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    I am looking for a different style of ankle holster. Right now I am using a Galco Glove for my Sig P232, I like the holster but after a while it starts to hurt from where the thumb strap is rubbing in to my leg.

    I am looking for different idea's on how to carry my back up on my ankle. Something that is comfortable.
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    What I learned from using an ankle holster is you need to have a knee strap on it to carry for any length of time. After trying out a couple of cheaper (under $50.00) ankle holsters I finally broke down & called Don Hume. Their ankle holster is very well covered with nice, soft material, but after putting it on I discovered that although comfortable, so much fluffy material rendered the holster visible right through my pant leg, which made me switch back to double front pocket holsters instead...

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    I used to carry my Keltec pf9 in a KNJ. It worked fairly well.
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    Best Buy: Cozy Partner from Renegade Holsters in Phoenix, AZ. They don't have a website, but you can Google and find a couple people carrying them to show you pics, then call and order the holster you want for the gun you're carrying.

    More expensive, but excellent holsters: Alessi Holsters & Five Shot Leather.

    Renegade Cozy Partner Model #50
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