Looking for a choice 1st time shotgun

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by Izenrok, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Izenrok

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    I just shot trap and a shotgun for the 2nd time in my life tonight and it was sweet. So now I want to get my first shotgun. I shot a 1978 Remington 3200 over under which was like a radar and then shot Benelli auto which took me some getting used after the over under. Anyway, I would like your opinions on a solid choice beginner shotgun to shoot clays, etc.
  2. adrigenti

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    I think the choice would depend on your budget. You can buy a quality shotgun for less if you buy it used. As a beginner this would probably be the thing to do. You will go through several guns before you find what you like to shoot. I like the long barrels to shoot targets. A 30 or 32" would be ideal. For trap most people like a high rib. Find a gun with a high and low rib; once you get into the sport you may end up shooting skeet and sporting clays you'd want a lower rib for these. You want a gun that you can use for any of these disciplines by making small adjustments. You will be better off with a full set of chokes, but at minimum you will need a skeet, IC and Mod to start. I shoot two guns a Beretta Teknys Gold semi and a Browning special edition sporting. The brand is not the important factor, you'd want a gun that fits you well. Fittings can get expensive if there are a lot of modifications to make, that's why it's best to start with a gun that requires minimum adjustments to fit you. Again, all this starts with considering your budget first. An experienced shooter at your club should be able to help. Good luck.

  3. 303tom

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    Rem. 870 Wing Master all the way for trap !!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. tonydewar

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    how much do you want to spend rem 870 or even mossburg 500 with 28 barrel and mod or full choke are great for trap if you want to move into sporting or skeet you need an auto or ou.thay can be shot with a pump BUT your score will suffer
  5. Firearms4ever

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    I use my Remington 58 Sportsman 16 gauge that dates back to the 50's/60's. I strongly recommend an 870 Express.
  6. anoltroll56

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    You'll never go wrong with Rem 870. I still use the one my mom gave my dad for their first Chrismas. 1950, wheny dad shot trap and skeet every weekend. Probably 10-15k rounds. Still shoots true and operates smooth.
  7. Slugo

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    Remington 870 Wingmaster all the way... :)
  8. Axxe55

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    check out the Stoeger Condor line of shotguns. IMO, way underated. not as high dollar as some of the other O/U's i have had in the past, but a really nice shooting gun. i bought one several months ago, and the more i shoot it, the more i like it. i have shot sporting clays with a remington 870 years ago, but i prefer an O/U for sporting clays. that's just a personal preference of mine.
  9. Uncle Tom

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    first shotgun

    lots of used guns around if someone will help you screen for quality -- pumps and over/unders especially since less likely to be worn out then a semi-auto. O/U guns also don't throw the shells for you to pick up and/or bother the adjacent shooter. For trap you are looking for weight (at least 8-10 lbs) and barrel length (30-34"). Brownings, Remingtons and Winchester are probably the most typical and most likely to hold their resale value. Have fun!