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    I am looking for a Colt 1911A1 WWII reproduction. I do not want an original but the reproduction of this pistol. I found 2 in Long Island but the guy will not sell them to me through the internet even though I offered him $300 more then what he was asking. These pistols are out there and I need some help finding one.
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    The first thing you need to do is find a firearms DEALER (also known as an 01 FFL) in your home state. It violates Federal law to transfer a modern firearm across a state line EXCEPT to a Dealer/Collector/Manufacturer (certain exceptions to that that are pretty narrow)

    Then go register at auctionarms.com, gunbroker.com, and gunsamerica.com.

    BTW, auctionarms and gunbroker have a "find a FFL" function on their home page.

    Then search the auctions for 1911A1s. You can pay big bucks, or not so big bucks. Win the auction, send them payment and the license info for our dealer. They ship to the dealer, you go do paperwork with dealer same as if you were buying from him, pickup your .45.

    If you were asking me to DIRECTLY and illegally ship you a gun, regardless of how much you offer, I would tell you to bugger off, and ask you to be tossed off the forum. That is 5 years in a Federal Pen, and a $10,000 fine (and loss of my right to EVER own a gun) . The Federal prisons are not my favorite vacation spots.

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    Sorry I wrote wrong

    I know about the FFL dealer thing. He told me that he would not sell it to me(with sending it to FFL dealer) because of Obama.

    I do appericate your help though I will look at those sites.
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    I am confused, what prevents you from buying at a shop? There are a number of companies that make what you're looking for.

    A local purchase is decidedly less hassle.
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    I'm also confused. There are several companies that make 1911's in the original military style. These are not "replicas".. Springfiled Armory comes to my mind first with their 1911 Govt. model. You do have dealers in or around your area don't you? Often times you can get a better deal over the internet at the auction sites but if you approach your local shop, he might match the auction price and it'll save you time and the expense of shipping and the transfer fee from your local FFL.

    Certainly worth looking into if I were you..
  6. Ask your local gunshop to order you a Rock Island Armory. Buy two Wilson 47 7rnd mags, and a few old controlled feed GI mags if you can find them.

    You'll be set for a while. Then you'll start wanting to make changes... and the frame and slide are the same ones used by STI to manufacture their Spartan line, so you're good to go there.

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    springfield armory makes the 1911-a1 and the govt model both of which are pretty damn good handguns that fall in those lines. the new colt series 70 while harder to get is a very faithful and excellent pistol along that line.

    i have a new colt series 70 took 6 months to get it. also have a SA 1911-A1. i also have a ww2 1944 ithaca 1911-a1. the colt is hands down the better gun.
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    I am confused. Why would the guy in LI have guns on the internet if he was not willing to sell them? Were the guns his "Pride and Joys"? If so, than he would have said so and would not be willing to sell. If not his "P&J", then why didn't he sell after posting?
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    And, what has obama have to do with it?...